The Importance of Guard Patrol Services

Security Guard Patrol Services

The basic concept behind guard patrol services is to minimize crime and damage to a property or business.


The guard patrol services with their regular patrolling patterns are a deterrent to potential offenders. Studies have shown that in areas where there are guard patrol services crime rates lessen by 40-45% as compared to those which don’t have guard patrol services. Guard patrol services are privately owned organisations.


Point of Employing Guard Patrol Services


Guard patrol services are able to protect a large area with same resources. Guard patrol services may conduct the patrols on foot inside and outside of the building or they may use vehicles to patrol large outside areas.


Guard patrol services are required to inspect all the doors and windows on the premises/area they are guarding. Guard patrol services are required to prevent theft and damage of properly after business hours. Guard patrol services are also required to respond to alarms.


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Guard Patrol Services and Post Orders


The Post Orders are standard operations procedures for guard patrol services. They should be clearly written and easy to understand. They should be a part of the contract between the guard patrol services and the company. The Post Order should clearly reflect the demand of the employer and the responsibilities of guard patrol services.


For sites demanding special security, separate posting orders should be drafted so that guard patrol services can appoint special patrols for the protection of said property. These should also specify whether the patrol officers are supposed to get out of their vehicles and check the doors/windows physically. They should also notify any prohibited areas for guard patrol services.


Well written posting orders are like a checklist for the officers of guard patrol services. They help them to fulfill their duties and fill the requires logs and complete documentation.


Reporting Protocols for Guard Patrol Services


Completing Daily Action Reports (DAR) is customary for the officers of guard patrol services. Incident reports are also required to be logged and summarised on a daily basis. The Contract for Service requires a DAR from guard patrol services on daily basis. It is a rule of thumb that if no DAR is submitted on a day that the patrol didn’t occur.


The DAR gives the owner of a property direct supervision over guard patrol services and the owner can hold the guard patrol services responsible for property loss.


Incident Reporting By Guard Patrol Services


When something unusual happens during the patrol, a more precise and detailed account is required of the patrolman on duty. This account is made in duplicate, one copy for guard patrol services and other for the owner of the property. This may include things like

  • Finding unlocks door
  • Contact with people on premises
  • Fire etc


These reports should be more detailed than the DAR because they are focusing on a single incident. They should include time, place and witness if any.


Supervision of Officers of Guard Patrol Service


When a business takes an agreement with a security company, it is the responsibility of the security company to ensure that:

  • Officers of guard patrol services don’t falsify DARs
  • Officers of guard patrol services don’t falsify Incident Reports
  • Officers of guard patrol services are fully trained and certified.


Selection of Guard Patrol Services


  • Check references and testimonials
  • Check insurance and registration with local authorities