What Services Do Melbourne Funeral Directors Provide?

funeral directors

Funeral directors in Melbourne provide an essential service at a time you need it most. They help to ease the burden on you and your family at one of the most difficult times in your life.


How a Funeral Director can assist you


If the deceased wishes are known, a funeral director will help, guide, advise and assist you in formulating the funeral, take care of the necessary paperwork and make all arrangements on your behalf.


Major Funeral Decisions A Funeral Director Can Help With: 

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Day, time and location of the service
  • Member to lead the service
  • Viewing Applicable
  • Type of Casket
  • Person to carry the casket
  • Music to be play
  • Person to lead the Eulogy
  • Appropriate Flower Design
  • A notice to arrange in a paper
  • Arrange for people to make donations to a charity in honour of the person
  • Things to be done in personalising a ceremony

For a more detailed Funeral Planning Checklist, read this article Funeral Planning Checklist.


Services Provided by Funeral Directors


Funeral directors are there to provide a professional service related to dealing with the deceased. The will vary depending on the person and the type of services you require, but they will carry specific tasks required legally by the Australian Government such as taking the body into their care and preparing it for burial or cremation.


They will handle the paperwork and submit it to the relevant government and state bodies such as the Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Here are the lists of services Melbourne funeral directors can provide:


  • 24 hours a day availability, every day of the year
  • Providing a funeral arrangement advice
  • Prompt and personalised attention
  • Transfer of the deceased body to the funeral home
  • Preparing the body for burial and cremation
  • Discuss with a family member about funeral arrangements and service details
  • Contact cemeteries or crematoria that fit your choice
  • Church chapel and venue arrangements
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages registration
  • Contact and arrange clergy or celebrant
  • Consult on the wording of press notices
  • Dispatch the medical certificates to appropriate authorities.
  • Use of our available chapels
  • Family private viewing facilities
  • Supply of hearse and funeral vehicles
  • Transport for the family at the funeral
  • Florists
  • Collection and return of floral tribute cards
  • Arranging a music of your choice or a musician
  • Memorial attendance books
  • Preparation of deceased for viewing
  • Qualified embalming personnel
  • Cards for mourning stationery
  • If necessary, recording of services
  • Grief support referral if required
  • Arranging the after-service reception such as catering
  • Arranging the monument construction


There are various roles within the funeral home including funeral arranger, conductor, funeral attendant, funeral director and embalmer. For more advice on arranging a funeral contact you local funeral director.