Unique Methods and Techniques of A Feldenkrais Therapist

feldenkrais therapist

Those who follow the Feldenkrais method and principles for healing others are known as Feldenkrais therapist. The Feldenkrais therapist is a person who follows the Feldenkrais methods as proposed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.


The Feldenkrais therapist follows a method that is a somatic education. The method used by Feldenkrais therapist includes gentle movements and attention given to improve human functioning and movements.

The methods followed by a Feldenkrais therapist will help their clients to increase range and ease of motion. Also, the Feldenkrais therapist will help people to improve their flexibility as well as coordination. Efficient and graceful movement will be restored after being treated by a Feldenkrais therapist.


Help of A Feldenkrais Therapist


The effectiveness of the therapies of a Feldenkrais therapist are several. Not only do the therapies of a Feldenkrais therapist help one to move with ease and coordination, such improvements have an effect on enhancing functions of different organs in the body.


Practices of a Feldenkrais Therapist


The practice of the Feldenkrais therapist is to help people become aware of the different parts of the body to aid the movement sequences.

Greater awareness leads to an elevated self-image of people. The world of a Feldenkrais therapist helps people to get more out of themselves in their functioning movements. Those who gain knowledge from a Feldenkrais therapist will become aware of the different neuromuscular patterns of their body that are habitual.


Who Will Benefit


Why would people seek the services of a Feldenkrais therapist? Many people develop rigidity in their movements due to their lifestyles as well as due to medical conditions. Such people can benefit from the therapies of a Feldenkrais therapist.


Benefit For The Sick And The Healthy


Anyone can benefit from the therapies of a Feldenkrais therapist. Whether you’re young or old, physically fit or challenged, there are many who can benefit from the methods of a Feldenkrais therapist.

When one suffers from acute or chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, back or legs, shoulder, hip and knee, one can get relief from pain in such areas due to the works of a Feldenkrais therapist. The help of a Feldenkrais therapist can be beneficial for healthy individuals as well as it help to enhance self-image of themselves.

Those who suffer from central nervous system conditions, cerebral palsy, stroke or multiple sclerosis, often find benefit from the therapies of a Feldenkrais therapist.


Enhancing Natural Abilities


Performers will be able to enhance their abilities and skills with the aid of a Feldenkrais therapist. Even musicians will be able to benefit from the help of a Feldenkrais therapist. Many people are able to overcome discomfort in their joints and limbs with the help of a Feldenkrais therapist.