About goguide

goguide® is a local business directory helping to connect local businesses with their customers.

Customers can search local business, get trade quotes, local deals and provide business reviews and ratings.

goguide® is a subsidiary of the miamedia pty/ltd group. Its origins on the internet go back to 1995 and were brought about by years of our own experiences of buying advertising space in online and print directories.

After speaking to a number of other local businesses we found a growing concern on the prices being paid in these directories and not receiving a return on their investment.

Their Concerns:

  • Return on investment not being affordable
  • Not being in control of their advertising campaign
  • Sales people over selling the results they will receive
  • Not being able to easily manage your ad

The goguide® Answer:

  • Memberships Competitively Prices
  • Easy login access to your company page where you can make changes to your advertising campaign.
  • What you see is what you get with goguide®. We are up front about what you'll receive when you use us - exposure to your targeted clients in your local area.
  • 24 hour access to manage your company. Update your deals, promotions and company listing whenever you want - you can do it all yourself online.

Our team of world class internet engineers and web developers went about creating a local business directory that would combat these things. A collaborative group ranging from programmers, designers, industry researchers, script and content writers invested many years of exhaustive work in designing goguide®. And after years of comprehensive research, testing and development the end result was goguide®, a local business directory to rival the bigger business directories. A business directory that works.

We are focused on getting your company more leads, work and sales. There are no bells or whistles. Our local online listings and advertisements are designed to get your business in front of your local community - the people who are searching for your products and services. We know goguide® works.

To find out about our different services visit our Advertise With Us page or get started with a free listing right now.