How to Get the Most Out of Clothing Alterations

clothing mending alterations

How often have you lamented on your inability to attend to clothing alterations on your own after buying something extra nice off-the-rack just to discover its fit is not quite right on you?


Tips for DIY Clothing Alterations


The first consideration when attempting clothing alterations, yourself is to remember how the garment is supposed to fit and drape on your body. You should not make drastic clothing alterations that may dramatically change the flow or style unless you have a very good idea of the end will be. Here are some important considerations when doing clothing alterations on your own:

  1. Checking the in-seam – Different clothing needs different alterations. If it is a pair of pants that need letting in or taking out, you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably through the inseam to avoid a pinched or gathered look.
  2. Consider the shoes before making clothing alterations – There may be certain shoes you wear with a particular outfit that needs alterations. Length decisions can be made accurately by wearing these shoes when measuring for clothing alterations.
  3. If you are not sure about the outcome or how to approach particular alterations to your clothing the best option is to leave it to an expert. Getting help will ultimately save more and the outfit will look better on you rather than making do with bad alterations for expensive clothing articles.


Tools that help in clothing alterations


Apart from a sewing machine and sewing kit there are certain tools that you may need when tackling clothing alterations. See if you have these in your check list:

  1. Clothing marker
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Stick pins
  5. Wrist pin cushion


Learning clothing alterations from the internet


With the internet being the ‘be all and end all’ for many things in life now, it is also a good place to look for instructions when you want to tackle clothing alterations yourself. There are some very good websites that will guide you step by step on the clothing alterations process. Learning clothing alterations methods through the internet is also a very cost-effective and convenient way of acquiring a new hobby.


Getting your clothing alterations done by an expert


If you’re not very keen on doing the job yourself, the best option is to leave any clothing alterations to an expert. After all the intention of having alterations to your clothing is to get the perfect fit. Though it may be a costlier option there are many instances that an expert becomes essential for clothing alterations. For example designer clothing demand specific care and handling in alterations and only a good tailor will have the knowhow to make alterations accordingly. The cost of clothing alterations will differ based on the complexity of alterations.


How to tackle clothing alterations economically


Economical clothing alterations are ideal when only minor alterations are needed. Clothing bought through garage sales, thrift shops and retail outlets frequently need little alterations to fit individual body sizes and shapes. Taking up or letting out hems is one of the most common clothing alterations and can be easily attempted at home for day-to-day wear like skirts, pants and dresses. If you don’t like sewing there is also the alternative of using fusing tape which can be inserted between fabrics to hold them together.