The Relationship Between Engineers and The Manufacturing Industry

engineers manufacturing

There is a strong relationship between engineers and the manufacturing industry.


Manufacturing engineers deal with a range of specialised manufacturing practices while engaging in research and development of different processes, systems, machines, equipment and tools. Manufacturing engineers focus on machinery helping to transform a combination of raw material into a finished product.


Different Types of Manufacturing Engineers


Manufacturing engineers engage in integrating a range of facilities and systems with the ultimate objective of creative quality products at a low cost. Some of the prominent manufacturing sectors employing engineers are:

  • Manufacturing fabrication engineers
  • Computer aided manufacturing engineers
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Mass customisation
  • Mass production
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Ownership manufacturing


The Role of Engineers in Manufacturing


Engineers employed in manufacturing industries create and develop physical products, specific manufacturing-related technologies and production processes.

Engineers in this field explore a broad area including the stages of designing and development of products.  In most cases, engineers and manufacturing fields also overlap with other engineering disciplines like industrial engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer science, operations management etc.

Manufacturing engineers have a significant role to play in determining success rates within technology advancement and innovation within the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing engineers are responsible for designing, conceptualising and coordinating manufacturing processes at every level of the production. These engineers are entrusted to identify low-cost methods of production planning by applying various scientific mathematical and engineering concepts. 


Manufacturing Sectors Using Engineers


As manufacturing engineers introduce scientific breakthroughs to the manufacturing process their skills and services are needed by diverse sectors from toy manufacturers to aero craft design.

Engineering positions in manufacturing companies can take different forms including plant engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers etc.  The type of work skill levels, qualifications for engineers in manufacturing sectors differ depending on their selected industry.

For example, aerospace engineers will be involved in aircraft, spacecraft, astronautical and aeronautical engineering work while food processing engineers will be focusing on different aspects of engineering such as chemical training.