The Editing Services of Copy Editors

Editing Services

Copy editors offer editing services. The work of copy editors or their editing services is to check errors in written material and to point out awkward writing.


There are freelance copy editors, who offer their editing services. Such persons, who offer their editing services, are usually self-employed.


Responsibility of Editing Services


Editing services will tighten the style and writing of a specific piece. The transitions between the different sentences should be checked by the copy editor. The editing services ensure that the flow of thought in an article is smooth. Often, copy editors use their editing services to rewrite a portion of an article. Usually, editing services consist of correcting and smoothing out a written material rather than redoing it.


Different Requirements


The editing services also include writing out headlines and captions for photos. Often, the editing services of the copy editors include verifying facts that are included in written material. This is especially true in the case of editing services in news agencies. There are many publications where fact checkers are not employed. In such cases, the articles which are fact based need to be ratified by the editing services of copy editors. This is usually the responsibility of the staff copy editors and part of their editing services.


Guidelines and Styles


There are certain editing services and styles that are opted for by different magazines, ad campaigns and book publishers. The style guidelines for editing services for the press are often defined by each company. When copy editors offer their editing services to clients, they need to understand the house style that is set by the clients.


Role of Freelance Copy Editors


Freelance copy editors work jointly and offer their editing services to ensure that the written materials free of errors and grammatically. A Freelance copy editor offers his or her editing services to ensure that the grammar is correct. The editing services need to check the spelling and word usage in different sentences.


Nature of Freelance Editing Services


Freelance editing services can be erratic. When copy editors work as freelancers, their editing services undergo busy and dry spells in work. Thus, the copy editors need to advertise their editing services.

Many copy editors are advertising their editing services online these days. Many copy editors find new clients for their editing services through editor networks. The editing services are offered by professionals, who have a degree in journalism or a degree in English. The editing services of copy editors could come later in their careers as they start off work as staff editors in different organisations.