Guide to Operating Your own Locksmith Business

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Business ownership in Australia continued to grow over the years. In fact, there were more than 2.17m of active businesses registered in Australia last June 2016 which represents an increase of 2.4% on its preceding year.

Let’s be honest, people were now more interested in having their own business. One of the reasons is, you are your own boss establishing your own rules.

However, starting your own business can be very exciting, but it also means a lot of work. The first thing that you must know and be 100% sure about is the business you want to build.

Why locksmiths should start their own business

The things that you have to consider as factors in that decision are its necessity in the market, your hobby and passion, the possible financial outcome, and your budget.

One of the best candidates that could be successful in having their own business is locksmiths and key cutters. They are creative enough and always in demand as the market will always have clients which could be other business owners that are worried about the security of their facilities.


There could also be people who are locked out of their property or people who wanted to duplicate their keys for the other members of their family.

Other than that, the start-up costs for a locksmith business in Melbourne is relatively low. This is possible especially if the one who will build it is already knowledgeable about the things and materials that are needed.

How to start your own locksmith business

Now that you have decided and somehow encouraged to have your own locksmith business, here are some tips on how to start.

You can also consider franchising from a much established locksmith business to really minimise your costs and expenses. Aside from that, you can also create your own Website or social media account that would help you in marketing and promoting your business.

After considering if you are going to franchise or put your own brand in the market, you also have to decide if you are going to be a mobile locksmith or run it from a specific location only.

You should also look for the tools and equipment that you will need on starting your own business. Most likely, you have already an idea what to buy since you have also gained experience as a locksmith and key cutters.

Determine also the organisational structure that your business will have. You have to decide whether you are going to operate as a sole proprietor, corporation, or incorporation. It is also important to figure out if you are going to hire employees in the future or right away.

Then, better start focusing on continuing your locksmith training. If you think you are a veteran in this matter, you can stop or you can teach your helpers so that they could be more effective in their work.

Building your own locksmith business also means you have to think about the terms and conditions of the contracts between you and your customers to protect you and your business financially. In doing this, it is better to ask for legal advice at some point. You must remember though, that what is included in the terms and conditions reflects your work ethic and your manner.

Finally, going to a locksmith that you know and asking them any advice that they could give is also a good idea. Treat their insights as a help that you could consider and weigh together with what you think is better for your own business.

How advancement of technology affects the locksmith industry

Due to the continuous advancement of technology, locksmith industry also involves electronic security which involves more complex security solutions. Gone are the days that people are only looking for locksmiths because of locks and keys.

This is the reason why as said in the previous section, training is important for locksmiths so that alongside the evolution of digital locks their skills will also evolve.


A good locksmith should not only experts in locks and knobs, they also have to be security system advisors and technicians that can handle alarm system and can improve security access for better security purposes.

In general, locksmith industry is also growing and becoming more popular thanks to the new technology.


Indeed, locksmiths should take advantage of this kind of opportunity and start up their own business. However, they have to train efficiently and be knowledgeable enough to be successful in their business.