Funeral Venues. What are your options?

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No one wants to think about their funerals, but it is something that will have to be dealt with eventually. There is significant planning that goes into funerals because you have to arrange the venue for where it will take place.


While churches and crematoriums are the two most people venues, there are other choices as well. When planning your funeral venue, you’ll want to choose a setting that best represents you and how you will want to be remembered.


After all, this is the final moment where your loved ones will gather to give their eulogies and pay their respects. So, the venue is just as important to them as it is for you.

Graveside Funeral

A graveside funeral is when all the friends and family come to the graveside of the deceased and gather around their coffin before it is lowered into the ground.


Traditionally, this is where a priest will say prayers and read passages from the Bible. Other loved one's may give their eulogies at the graveside as well.


The advantage of this venue is so you can give your final goodbyes right before the casket is buried. Some people like to leave flowers and other possessions on top of the casket as a way for these items to stay with the person forever.


The only real downside to this venue must deal with unpredictable weather conditions which could ruin the event.


One popular funeral venue is the home of the deceased. If you are emotionally attached to your home, and you want your funeral service to be more personalised, then having it at your home is the best choice.


You could hold the services in your backyard or your living room if you have a big enough house. The advantage here is that your home is something that represents you and it is the best place to have an event which honours you.


The disadvantage for significant people would fit everyone into the home or even the backyard.


Funeral Parlor

A funeral parlour is a normal choice when you have problems with the other choices. Perhaps you don’t have a religious faith, or you don’t want to have your funeral outside. Many Sydney Funeral Directors will have the facility to host a wide variety of religious and non-religious memorial and funeral services.


Maybe you don’t have a big enough home for a funeral either. In this situation, your only option left can be a funeral parlour. The funeral director will conveniently take care of all the arrangements and make sure it is a solemn event.


The only downside will be the cost because funeral parlours are businesses just like anything else.


If you have a religious affiliation, then you’ll probably want to plan your funeral venue at your local church. You might draw a much bigger crowd because not only will your friends and family be there, but the people you went to church with will be there too.


Even the priest or holy person of your faith that you knew can be the officiant of the event. The downside to a church funeral is that it might alienate any friends or family members who are not affiliated with your religion.

Public Gardens

Public gardens are some of the newer choices available for funeral venues. These institutions have a wide variety of plants and flowers for the public to view.


The idea is that the beauty of the environment would be a great place to hold a funeral. If you are someone who loves the outdoors and want people to remember beautiful images when they say their final goodbyes to you, then choose a public garden as your funeral venue.


Just remember these institutions are open to the public so you might have strangers wandering around outside of where your funeral is being held.



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