Career Guide to Becoming a Locksmith

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Being a locksmith is an important job as they are responsible for creating, installing, and repairing different kinds of locks and other related security devices and systems. Further, they maintain security measures for various sectors which include residential, commercial, government, or automotive.

They also help people who have lost or forgotten their keys which are probably one of the reasons locksmiths may be required to work on weekends, on call, and after office hours and travel from different local locations.

The tools that locksmiths are using vary from simple locks to more sophisticated and more technical locks and security systems. Experience in carpentry, drilling, welding and computer programs will be beneficial for locksmiths.

In Australia, locksmiths are significant as illegal break-ins continued to rise and there were around 188,756 victims reported in 2016.

If you are interested on becoming a locksmith in Melbourne - or anywhere in Australia, here are the things that you should know.

Qualifications and Training in becoming a locksmith

In order to become a locksmith, you must obtain a locksmith apprenticeship. The first step is to look for an experienced locksmith that will train you. It is important to note, however, that not all locksmiths are willing to have an apprentice or trainee.


You can look for the rightful trainer for you through advertisements, visiting local locksmiths, or contacting Centrelink.                                                                                                           

After finding the employer for you, they will contact the Australian Apprenticeship Center to ogranise the necessary agreements and training components.


Nevertheless, the locksmith in-training can do administrative tasks in the office or accompany the experienced locksmith into the field to work.

Local TAFE institutions provide training and theory in a classroom setting. Aside from the on-the-job paid work, this kind of training will also be beneficial to you. The courses usually included here are topics like key identification, key making, and installation of different kind of locks.

Generally, the locksmith apprenticeship takes four years to be completed. However, Police Clearance is needed before being an apprentice to also secure the training and client that you are trustworthy.

After the apprenticeship, it is important to remember that a locksmith should continue on learning about the advancing technology that affects locks and other security systems.


Support for locksmith apprentices

If you are really interested on becoming a locksmith, it will be interesting for you to know that the Australian Government provides support financially and other incentives. This is possible as the government acknowledges that locksmith is a significant career and also recognises the skill shortage in the locksmith trade.

These financial supports include tool allowances, living away from home allowance and training vouchers that are valued at up to $500.

Where to work as a locksmith

In Australia, employment level for locksmiths are around 6,600 and are expected to improve moderately around 7,000 this 2017.

The demand for locksmiths depends on the concern for security measures in domestic, commercial, government, retail, and automotive cases. A locksmith can specialise in key manufacturing, access control installations, safes and automotive situations.

Locksmiths are usually hired by other independent locksmiths, security firms and hardware and security equipment manufacturers. Some organisations with larger facilities often employ locksmiths to maintain their security. They can also work as self-employed doing on-call jobs.

The average salary of a locksmith after the apprenticeship is $40,000 P/A and depends on your level of skill, experience, and employer.

Starting your own business

After your apprenticeship and if you think that you have enough knowledge to stand on your own, you can start your own business.


A lot of locksmiths found success by starting their own independent locksmith business or franchising an already known locksmith business in Australia.

You will realise that a locksmith business has a relatively low cost, especially because you already have the knowledge about the things and materials that you need.


Most likely, you will also work as a one-man team at first and then if things go well, you can decide on employing another person for help.

Locksmiths also process the payments for their services and give quotes to customers for any specific concerns. Independent locksmith business owners often charge cheaper for their services than locksmith from security firms.

In general, locksmiths in Australia have a significant role in the society as they are responsible for the security of everyone’s home and business premises.


This was recognised by the government by providing assistance for people interested in becoming a locksmith. There are also a lot of career opportunities that qualified locksmiths can consider.

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