A Guide to Smart Locks and Keyless Technology

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Locks have been around for hundreds or even thousand years. In fact, it started as a wooden pin lock in Mesopotamia era, around 6,000 years ago. Therefore, it’s just natural that locks also evolved as time goes by. Today, as technology progresses, locks and keys are going through a sudden shift from mechanical to electronic.


We know how vulnerable a traditional lock is, especially when you left your keys somewhere or inside on your way out the door. This is the reason that nowadays modern technology allows us to be keyless and access locks whether by code, by app, by proximity or by the touch of your finger.


However, before upgrading and having your own smart lock, you have to consider its cost since locks are pretty expensive and more costly than its traditional predecessors.


On the other hand, modern keys provide us convenience in our daily lives and we have to treat security an utmost importance. The keyless technology will help us secure our properties effectively and avoid lock bumping and lock picking.


Indeed, smart locks that are available from Locksmiths throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Australia. operate through Bluetooth or other wireless technology such as Smartphone which makes your options extensive. You just have to consider where you are going to use them. Below are some guides to help you choose the right smart lock for your specific property.


Keyless technology for cars used in securing the vehicle and starting the engine

A lot of cars have been using electronic key fob or keyless ignitions. This is the generation when we can unlock our cars by simply approaching it with our smartphones in the pocket.


Automotive innovation and development like this are needed in a saturated car industry like Australia where car manufacturers such as Holden and Toyota closed their local production facilities.


You may argue over the merits or keyless and digital lock technology, but it is a technology tha0 is here to stay.


One of the best examples of keyless technology for your cars is the ‘Perfectly Keyless’ from Bosch or the Steelmate Ranger 5163 which is a two-way paging car alarm system which can provide you with instant feedback if your vehicle has been tampered with.


This service enables the driver to use a smartphone as a virtual key as well as starting the engine which eliminates the need for carrying a metal piece as a key.


This kind of technology does not need any pushing of buttons on a physical key as well as swiping the phone to open the car. It works based on the proximity between your smartphone and your car.


For instance, the car will be unlocked when your smartphone is within two metres of the car and will be locked when your smartphone is outside the two-metre radius.


Some things to consider in choosing smart locks for your home


There are a lot of smart locks for your home that you could choose from. However, you have to consider your personality before purchasing one.


For instance, Bluetooth smart locks are the best option for you if you are the kind of person that has a tendency to forget everything including your keys but never forgets your phone.


This kind of keyless technology allows your phone to automatically lock it 30 after leaving your house and open it once you are within a certain range or simply tapping it on the outside of the lock.


However, you can also try PIN or fingerprint smart locks if you are not that much into your phone and forget it as well. This is also a good option for share-houses or for families with children and teenagers who come and go.


Keyless technology for your business that does more than just securing your office


Basic security for any-sized businesses matters, and it is also important that they follow the latest trend in security innovations. Hence, there are already a lot of keyless locks for office and commercial buildings worldwide.


The best smart lock option for your business is the one that also offers you a number of important benefits and not just secures your office. The best keyless technology for your business should also have the ability to track entry and exits with precision.


This kind of smart lock commonly used a code, a fob, a key card, or a fingerprint. In considering the right smart lock for your business, it is also important to consider your budget and the best option for your employees as they will also use this technology.


Smart locks, however attractive and innovative it is, are not perfect. It also has its negative traits, especially its being vulnerable to online criminals. On the other hand, the convenience it offers is also undeniable. Therefore, you have to consider the pros and cons of choosing the right keyless technology for you.