The Need for Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Wheel Balancing Alignment

What is wheel balancing and alignment? Wheel balancing and alignment is an adjustment that is made at an auto shop that is carried to ensure that the tyres are calibrated correctly.


A wheel balance and alignment is crucial to check that the wheels point straight ahead. When a proper wheel balance and alignment is done it helps a vehicle to be steered easily and allows the tyres to wear evenly, which also avoid many safety issues that can arise from misaligned tyres.


Why do you need wheel balancing and alignment?


The need for wheel balancing and alignment usually comes up when tyres hit against objects like parking blocks or curbs. This might put the wheels out of alignment and have an impact on the steering making the car unsafe to drive.

A wheel balancing and alignment is needed to get the orientation of the vehicle steering centred.

The degree of misalignment may not be obvious to the human eye. However, there will be problems caused if wheel balancing and alignment is not done.


What are the Signs I Need a Wheel Alignment?


You might be wondering how to figure out that a vehicle needs wheel balancing and alignment. When a tyre has gone off centre it will pull the vehicle in the direction it is oriented. If both wheels are out of alignment the steering wheel may not line up when pointed straight. You may also experience a shudder in your steering wheel when your wheels are not properly aligned.

Often when you get new tyres put on your car, the mechanic will tell you that you need a wheel alignment as your tyres are wearing unevenly or prematurely. This is due to a constant drag on your tyres treads.

All these are clear signs that you should get you wheels balanced and realigned.

Even if you do not experience any of these problems it is recommended that you have a wheel balancing and alignment carried out ever several years. Ask your mechanic about how often they think you should get an alignment.