Labours Unions – Features and Facts


Labour unions are also known as trade unions. Labour unions are essential for protecting the rights of workers prevent them from being exploited.


One of the main roles of labour unions is to negotiate with the management on key issues. Labour unions offer a lot of assistance to their members. Labour unions help their members in expressing their demands and complaints through an organised medium.


The Formation of Labour Unions


Formation of unions is a lengthy process and it requires cooperation from different sections of an industry. As far as labour unions are concerned, its formation requires the consent of all the major labourers. Most of the labour unions elect their leaders on the basis of voting.


Features of Labour Unions


The main feature of labour unions is to bring together all the employees under a single association. They try to take collective decisions for resolving various issues faced by the majority of the labourers.

Trade unions or labour unions came into existence during the era of industrial revolution. This was the time when labourers created an organisation to stop the exploitation of works and helped them to place their demands in front of their superiors.

Even today labour unions follow the same path. Labour unions mostly fight against the policy of cheap labour followed by their managements. Labour unions also ensure that a safe and secure working environment is available to the labourers.


The Benefits of Labour Unions


Labour unions are formed with the motive of helping workers in solving their issues and problems. If a labourer faces any form of financial difficulty, then their trade union helps him in getting financial aids or loans from the employer.

Labour unions are also responsible for helping the labourers in getting their medical insurance claims. If the employer makes delay in paying the claim amount, the labour union persuades the management to expedite the claim proceedings. Labour unions also help in improving the quality and safety of the working environment. Labour unions also help the labourers in getting timely wage raise.