An Introduction to Tyre Retailers

Tyre Retailers

Tyres are manufactured in close to 450 factories around the globe, and over one billion tyres are manufactured every year, making the tyre industry a key consumer of natural and synthetic rubber.


In 2004, $80 billion worth of tyres were sold globally and in 2010, it was $140 billion. The big five tire manufacturing companies by revenue generated are Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone, Michelin, and Pirelli.

So where do all these tyres get sold?

Through tyre retailers, which based on these numbers, is a robust business to get into. Tyre retailers sell all types of tyres for all sorts of vehicles, and normally also do related wheel and under chassis work like wheel alignment, camber, balancing, etc.

Tyre retailers also usually sell batteries and aftermarket rims or mag wheels. The core business however of tyre retailers is to sell tyres of all sizes and brands to suit every budget. Here are some of the tyres you can expect to see in your typical tyre retailer.


Regular Automobile Tyres


How well your car can stop or change direction is dependent on the quality of your car tyres. Tyre retailers’ should offer a selection that can guarantee directional stability and steering precision for daily use or high-performance driving. It does not matter if you have a small, medium sized family car or sports coupe. Your tyre safety should be the biggest consideration when you shop at tyre retailers.


Off Road Tyres


Tyre retailers know 4WD tyres meet different criteria when it comes to handling, load-bearing and durability. You’ll find 4x4 tyres can comfortably tackle endless kilometres of Australian highway or serious off-road driving. All-terrain tyres are the perfect jack-of-all-trades choice for multi-purpose usage. Purchase tyres at your tyres retailers for your most frequented terrain.


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Light Commercial Tyres


Tyre retailers usually have stock of durable, light commercial tyres particularly designed for the heavier cargo of light trucks, mini buses as well as light commercial vans. The recurrent stop and go of couriers, delivery vans, tradesmen and other light work needs minimised braking distance and better-quality traction. Whichever way you use your business vehicle light truck tyres can improve the work at hand with benefits like improved fuel economy or decreased wear rate. Check for the best light commercial tyres at your nearest tyre retailers.


Truck Tyres


Tyre retailers will also have industrial grade tyres meant for carrying heavy loads, and it is good to know your truck tyres are up to the task of handling changing road and weather conditions with little or no performance alterations. Truck tyres sold at tyre retailers are reinforced for high durability over a myriad of road conditions to give you a long life span whether it be in city traffic or highway cruising.


Tyre Sizes and Your Vehicle


All tyre retailers will tell you a good tyre is also only as good as the fit. Know the right size of tyre you should use, based on the car manufacturers recommendations. Tyre retailers can usually help you to choose a tyre and rim that will fit your car’s wheel wells properly and with the right amount of offset. Tyre retailers will have a common reference guide for recommending tyres sizes.

Consider your tyre retailer as one of the most important links in your automobile maintenance. Remember that the only thing between your car and the road are your tyres.