Different Kinds of Telephone Answering Services

Telephone Answering Services

There are several kinds of telephone answering services that cater to different businesses and professionals. There are many telephone answering categories that you can opt for.


Automated answering services are a common form of telephone answering services. Other forms of answering services are live services and  internet answering services. Telephone answering services are provided for mobile as well as landline connections.


How Telephone Answering Services Help Businesses


Telephone answering services are tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and organisations. No matter what profession you are in, there is a specific telephone answering services for you. Thus, there are different telephone answering services for doctors, lawyers, sales teams etc. When it comes to live telephone answering services, it can be of different formats.

Some telephone answering services are staffed by workers who work from home. The client forwards the calls to such telephone answering services.

In other cases, there are telephone answering services, which offer live services.  The live telephone answering services employ a larger workforce. Phone coverage on phone banks are provided through live telephone answering services. The incoming calls the client are answered in such a manner that the callers feel that they have reached the client’s office and are speaking to a receptionist there. Such forms of live telephone answering services are offered to different businesses.


About Call Centres


Call centres are a certain type of telephone answering services. Such telephone answering services serve large businesses that have a high volume of incoming calls. The telephone answering services in call centres can be utilised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How Call Centres Work


The call centres which offer telephone answering services have employees who work in shifts. There are employees manning such telephone answering services in different shifts to provide 24 hours coverage 7 days in a week.

Some companies have dedicated telephone answering services for their customers. Other companies outsource the telephone answering services to call centres. Such companies find it more cost-effective to outsource their telephone answering services instead of employing people to answer their calls.

Call centres train their staff to cater to the different businesses and their clientele. In such ways, telephone answering services offer their services to the different businesses.

Dedicated phone lines and network connectivity are essential infrastructures in the businesses offering telephone answering services.


Automated Services


Not all telephone answering services are about real people answering the calls. There are certain telephone answering services that are automated. Automated telephone answering services utilise software applications or other forms of internet technology. The callers will understand that they are listening to an automated telephone answering services. Such telephone answering services are less expensive than opting for live telephone answering services. The cost of manning telephone answering services is expensive and hence, companies seek automated services to reduce costs.


Trained Lived Services


The telephone answering services, which offer live interaction with a support staff needs to be trained personnel. It is especially true for sales telephone answering services. When telephone answering services are related to sales of a product or service, the person handling such calls need to be trained regarding product knowledge and the different queries that the customers might have.