The Operations of T.A.B and Tabcorp

T A B s Tabcorp

T.A.B’s and Tabcorp are the short forms of the company Tabcorp Holdings Limited. T.A.B’s and Tabcorp is a company that is Australian in origin.


The T.A.B’s and Tabcorp company offers gaming and betting opportunities. T.A.B’s and Tabcorp is a publicly listed gambling company.


T.A.B. Customer Base


The company T.A.B’s and Tabcorp has a regular customer base of 1.2 million. The totalizator pools that the company T.A.B’s and Tabcorp own are the largest across the country of Australia. The retail distribution network of T.A.B’s and Tabcorp include around 1948 retail outlets. These retail outlets of T.A.B’s and Tabcorp are spread across Victoria and NSW.

T.A.B and Tabcorp offer on-course betting. The on-course betting of T.A.B occurs across 255 racecourses. Customers are allowed to place their bets through pay TV, phone, and internet.


Bookmaking Operations


The company T.A.B’s and Tabcorp have a wide database of customers. T.A.B not only offer its customers retail venues to bet but also to use their betting apps through mobile devices. These apps are compatible to Android, iPad and iPhone devices. There are many bookmaking operations that the T.A.B’s and Tabcorp company own. These bookmaking operations are different for the different territories of T.A.B’s and Tabcorp.


Gaming Options


When it comes to games and gaming options, there are over 1.2 million electronic gaming machines spread across the retail outlets of the company T.A.B’s and Tabcorp. The company offers over thirteen thousand EGMs across hotels and clubs in Australia.