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Stamp Collectors who are looking to get a valuation of their collection should get in touch with dealers and valuers who are expert philatelists themselves.


These stamp dealers and valuers have experience in determining the value of stamps from all over the world and will help in pricing your collection of stamps.


How Dealers and Valuers Can Help Stamp Collectors


Stamp collectors pride themselves on the diversity of their stamp collections along with the rare and valuable stamps in their collection. Having a collection priced by dealers may be a good idea even if you are not planning to sell your precious stamps. Knowing the value of their collection can be important in case you decide to donate the collection to charity. Keeping an accurate record can also be important for insurance purposes.


Choosing Stamp Collection Dealers and Valuers


As a stamp collector, you may not know how to start choosing the dealers and valuers to get the most accurate price for your collection. Some dealers and valuers are philatelists themselves and may have a vested interested in purchasing stamps from the stamp collectors who come to them. It is important to find dealers and valuers who will look after you as a stamp collector.


Online Stamp Dealers and Valuers


There a huge number of online dealers and stamp collection communities. These online dealers and communities can help to get a more honest opinion on your collections as there will be a number of different opinions available in one space. These websites will sometimes provide detail information on the prices of certain stamps, to give you some idea what your stamp and collection may be worth.

There are also a number of online auction sites that can deal with the sale of stamps to help you sell your collection and get a great price without having to even leave your home.


Contacting Dealers and Valuers for Stamp Collectors


Getting in touch with dealers and valuers is easy for stamp collectors nowadays. These dealers and valuers are to be found through online directories of any major city and major auctioneers can also take a look at stamp collections.

The majority of these dealers can provide a rough evaluation through photographs, but to get the exact price most will require to see the stamp collection in person.