The Role of International Sporting Organisations

Sporting Organisations

Sporting organisations have a vital role to play in the promotion of particular sports in the international arena.


Usually, sports clubs are formed at a local or regional level to promote any form of sports.  However, sporting organisations have a distinct role in promoting a particular sport nationally and internationally. For this reason, you’ll find various sporting organisations for the different sports at national and international levels.


World Events


There are world sporting events organised by particular sporting organisations at international levels. For instance, FIFA organises the FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years is due to the efforts of the FIFA management body.

The same goes for the sporting organisations of other sports. These different events held around the world see sporting organisations arrange representatives from around the world for a particular sport gather to compete in a specific competition.


Regional Confederations


Different countries have associations for the different games. There are regional and national level sporting organisations for every sport in different countries. However, when it comes to organising matches for a sport between different countries, there is usually one governing body at the international level to spearheads such activities.

There is a need for sporting organisations at an international level to oversee and run any international games that are held. There need to be separate rules and guidelines for the international matches. These are decided by the sporting organisations at international levels.


Levels Set Up


The sporting Organisations which operate at the international levels have confederations that govern the game that is played in different continents and regions. Thus, the regional or national level sporting clubs of a particular game or sport need to qualify to be associated for a member of the confederations of the international sporting organisations. Only then are these countries or regions entitled to participate in the matches organised by the international sporting organisations.


Responsibilities of International Sporting Organisations


International level sporting organisations need to manage the world or global sporting events as well as competitions held at Olympic levels. The world championships arranged by a sporting organisation may be divided the confederations in different regions of the world.

In such ways, the sporting organisations help to organise a game and provide direction to the competitions and the tournaments held around the world. The form and guidelines of the matches, conduct of the players and other rules are laid down by the international sporting organisations. The national level sporting organisations need to abide by the same in order to participate in the tournaments held at international level.