The Various Benefits of Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are commercial spaces that are fitted with equipment and furnishings.


Ordinarily, when a company decides to take up an office rental, it is not one of serviced offices. Serviced offices are a modern concept. Most companies that have set up their offices the traditional way have never realised the conveniences of serviced offices.


The usual tasks of moving into an office includes:

  • Obtaining office suites
  • Furnishing
  • Cleaning services


Serviced offices provide the above points as part of the overall rental fee for the office space. Everything the majority of equipment that is needed to fit out and run office is included. From furnished, carpeted offices to cleaning are included in serviced offices.


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Advantages of Serviced Offices


The advantages of serviced offices are fairly obvious. You will have fully functional offices from day one. Usually, a company or business needs time to set up their operations. You can even specify your specific requirements to the service provider in advance. The number of days lost in setting up the office. And when a business is not in operation, there are no revenues earned.


However, when serviced offices are used, a business can be operational from day one. Also, there is no headache of the usual infrastructure and support services. This includes the repair and replacement of office equipment and furnishings.


Leases and Other Considerations


As with non-serviced offices, serviced offices are signed on a lease contract for a set amount of time. When you are selecting service providers of serviced offices, you need to be aware of certain office rental factors.


Different Office Setups


There are service providers who offer different kinds of serviced offices. You could seek a small office for consultancy services that may simply require a few cubical, a waiting area, basic copying equipment, and refreshments area.


On the other hand, if you need serviced offices that will be equipped to run a call centre or major office setup, you will need to specify certain layouts and equipment requirements to the service provider in advance.