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TAFE is short for Technical and Further Education. TAFE is Australia’s principal source of vocational training and education.


TAFE, training colleges, and schools provide an easy to get, reasonably priced and flexible option for all training and further education requirements in Australia.


TAFE and training colleges and schools are for you if you are:

  • Keen to work and earn while you are learning via an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Finding a backdoor to a university
  • Have no degree but wish to further your education and training
  • Looking for qualifications and skills you require for landing a first job and starting a career
  • Working already but want to boost your knowledge and skills to advance your career
  • A foreign student wanting to improve your English fluency
  • Exploring new horizons


TAFE and Training Colleges - The Basics


Technical and further education or TAFE and training colleges and schools in Australia offer a broad range of mainly vocational tertiary education courses, typically qualifying courses found under the National Training System/Australian Qualifications Framework/Australian Quality Training Framework.

The various disciplines and fields covered by TAFE and Training Colleges include hospitality, tourism, construction, business, finance, engineering, visual arts, community work and information technology.


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Offerings and Qualifications from TAFE Colleges


TAFE and Training Colleges by and large award qualifications up to the level of advanced diploma. An advanced diploma is below that of a Bachelor degree in the hierarchy of the Australian Qualifications Framework. Often times the diploma and study done at a TAFE and Training College can be used as added credit in the pursuit and completion of a Bachelor degree-level university program.


The TAFE and Training Colleges and Schools sector since 2002 have been capable of offering Bachelor degrees and post-graduate diploma courses required by specific and particular areas, such as vocationally focused jobs of study based on specific industry requirements.


In the same way, a number of universities have course offerings of vocational education courses which are conventionally the area of TAFE and Training Colleges. Some secondary level schools or high schools also provide courses accredited and developed by TAFE and Training Colleges and Schools.


TAFE and Training Colleges and Schools in a number of states may also teach senior high school qualifications, such as the VCE, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, and the Higher School Certificate.


A number of private institutions also offer courses traditionally from TAFE, Training Colleges, and Schools, but they more often provide very specialised vocational education and training courses. TAFE and Training Colleges give individuals a chance to gain a certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma qualifications in a varied range of areas and disciplines.


TAFE and Training Colleges and Schools by State/Territory


During the vast majority of cases, TAFE Schools are grouped into TAFE institutions based on geography and location. A number of TAFE and Training Colleges specialise in a particular and distinct area of study or discipline.


TAFE courses are more geared on learning for specific work and in most cases learning the actual work.


TAFE and Training Colleges and Schools teaching is based on supporting you to gain specific skills, hence, there are more contact hours,  more personal contact with instructors and generally smaller classes. Skills acquired are directly pertinent to doing tasks in the workplace and are intended at improving your employability, as well as your capability to adapt to shifting workplace conditions.