Podiatrist – A Step Ahead


Podiatry can be defined as the science of the feet and is studied by podiatrists. The study of the podiatry includes various items such as the study of the ankles, feet and lower parts of the leg.


Defining Podiatry


Like any other branch of the medicine, podiatry is the specialist branch which is known as the study of the lower part of the body such as feet, lower part of the leg and the ankles.

The person who specialises in podiatry is known as a Podiatrist. They specialise in the diagnosis of the diseases and the treatment of the feet and have specialty knowledge on the conditions which can cause different issues with feet and lower legs.

If you want to retain your capacity to move around, you must look after your feet and keep their health and well-being in your mind which is also known as the podiatry.


Training of Podiatrist


The formal training of the podiatrist is same as the other branches of the medicine. They are required to attend the classes of theory in podiatry and the practical’s which involves the podiatry subjects at certified medical school to become a certified podiatrist. In addition to that, the podiatrist have to take the additional subject in the related field of podiatry to get specalised knowledge related to the field of podiatry.


Diseases Diagnosed by Podiatrists


Many of the diseases, which are related to podiatry, can be serious. Most of the time, a podiatrist is the only one, who provides the first diagnosis of the disease. The list of diseases, which can be diagnosed through the examination of the feet include Sever’s Disease, Arthritis including Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, and so on.

Apart from major diseases, there are also some minor conditions which affect the feet and come under podiatry and are very common in people. These conditions are easily handled by the podiatrist and are not life-threatening.

For example, the most common conditions which are treated by podiatrist are Calluses, Ingrown Toe Nails, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs and Bunions. Also the podiatrist treats Athletes Foot and Fungal Nail Infection which are very easy to contract. The podiatrist, who is practicing podiatry in your area, will prescribe some over the counter remedies which will attack the fungus and remove it from your foot.

The podiatrist who practices the science of podiatry in your area is providing a very important health service to the society.