Machinery Reconditioners, A Cost Effective Alternative to Buying

Machinery Reconditioners General

Machinery reconditioner’s services come in handy in diverse industrial, engineering and manufacturing industries.


Machinery reconditioning is needed for keeping electrical and mechanical systems in smooth operational order. The work related to machinery reconditioners ranges from electrical, plumbing, carpentry to other types of specialised industry that require complex mechanical equipment.


The Tasks of Machinery Reconditioners


The tasks of machinery reconditioners involves analysing, dissembling, retooling, repair, replacing and reassembling machines at a module level. Reconditioners make replacements to obsolete, broken or worn out components and attend to necessary repairs. Machinery reconditioners make sure that any components suspect of degradation are replaced in order to ensure optimum performance of the machine and extending its lifetime.


Reconditioners are involved in product recovery, but it is not the same as a standard recovery process. In machinery reconditioning the reconditioner has to ensure the units are reformed in a way that matches service capacity and expectations of a new machine of similar type and standard.


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The Different Types of Machinery Reconditioners


Machinery reconditioners attend to their service in four main operational challenges. These include:

Enhancements and repairs are made to the machinery without disrupting its warranty and expected life while the entire machinery is reconditioned through overhauling, upgrades, replacement of parts of critical modules. Industries engaged in computer mainframes, aerospace and critical medical equipment look for machinery reconditioners specialising in this type of reconditioning.


Repetitive reconditioning – The method includes scheduling a sequence of reconditioning processes for specific machinery. Repetitive reconditioners work differs from overall product overhaul and the final result is almost like new machinery.


Machinery reconditioning through recoating of failed engine components – Through extended use most machinery components are subjected to wear and tear. Cylinder engine bores, engine blocks are perfect examples that need the attention of machinery reconditioners specialising in recoating of worn-out engine parts. The process adopted by machinery reconditioners is popular in the aircraft industry, automotive engines and other industrial services.


Machinery reconditioning with original identity loss – In this process machinery reconditioners are not concerned about preserving the original identity of the product since components of machinery are dissembled to be re-organized as a remanufactured item. This type of machinery reconditioners’ services is useful for office equipment, cameras, personal computers and automobile components.


Benefits Offered by Machinery Reconditioners


Machinery reconditioners effectively offer a very cost effective way of salvaging damaged and worn machines. Savings made through machinery reconditioners can amount up to staggering 80% when you compare against the cost of buying a new machine. Therefore, machinery reconditioners are a very practical alternative to buying new machinery.


One of the most notable benefits offered by machinery reconditioners is the positive impact they make on global energy footprint. 


Machinery reconditioners also helps engineering firms to successfully evade costly delays in productions that may occur due to the replacement times of replacing machines delaying lead times. Machinery reconditioners also facilitate efficient machine availability, stock reduction and easy identification of recurring areas of failure in relation to machinery.


The Bottom-line About Machinery Reconditioners


The services of machinery reconditioners bring significant peace of mind to manufacturing and engineering operation managers.  The simple process of continuous visual inspection and attending to reconditioning of machinery as needed goes a long way in cutting operational costs and reducing wastage in organisations.


The potential advantage of cost savings and reduction of emissions has led many companies to consider services offered by machinery reconditioners. Many preventative maintenance programs initiated by firms now include the option for machinery reconditioners, as they help in increasing sustainability and efficiency in a company, as well as safeguarding profitability.