The Role of International Aid Organisations

International Aid Organisations

There are many governments and non-government international aid organisations operating in the world. These international aid organisations reach out and support those in need when they need it most.


International aid organisations help anyone who is in need, irrespective of nationality, race, colour or religion and operate without borders.


Funding For International Aid Organisations


International aid organisations usually are through donation and fundraising efforts. Sometimes people leave amounts in their wills to certain organisations.

International aid organisations can also be funded by the government through grants or emergency crisis funding.


Donating To International Aid Organisations


There are a lot of ways to donate to international aid organisations. Cash is the most commonly used way. In addition to cash, cheques and electronic transactions are also accepted. Donations to international aid organisations in the form of clothes, blankets, food and other things needed at times, can also be made.

In time of emergency, international aid organisations will publish lists of required and accepted items.


Natural Disasters and Role of International Aid Organisations


In the event of natural disasters like earthquake, tsunamis, cyclones or any other natural disaster, the international aid organisations are among one of the 1st to respond. They immediately arrange shelters, food and clothes for the affected people.

International aid organisations arrange for the immediate transportation of injured to hospitals. And arrange for identification and storage of the deceased until other arrangements can be made.


The Staff of International Aid Organisations


In international aid organisations, the staff are broadly categorised into 2 categories. One is their permanent staff. Other is volunteers. Nowadays, the number of volunteers is far more than the number of regular employees.


International Aid Organisations and Hostile Countries


Some countries don’t allow international aid organisations to perform their relief work. The international aid organisations despite the hostile nature of such countries perform their job admirably. Yet these organisations are successful in delivering some of the products and resources to the needy.