Gas Detection Equipment Sales and Service

Gas Detection Equipment Sales Service

It is essential to understand the importance and value of gas detection equipment.


After all, hazardous gases can be dangerous and can lead to explosion, asphyxiation as well as exposure to corrosive contaminants. Gas detection equipment is essential for comprehensive gas detection as some gases cannot be detected by smell alone. One will come across portable gas detection equipment and other warning devices at the hardware and gas supply stores.


Gas Detection Equipment Sales and Service


Gas detection instrument is usually a part of a safety system and detects the presence of gases within a certain area. In case of a leak, the equipment can sound an alarm and warn the operators in the area. Some gas detection equipment will shut down automatically when it detects a gas leak.


What Gas Detection Equipment Detects


Gas detection equipment detects flammable, combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen depletion in a room. Gas detection equipment is widely used in the industry and can be commonly found on oil rigs. The detection equipment monitors specific chemicals and C02 emissions that are harmful. There is also specialised pressure testing equipment that will determine a variation in the pressure of the gas pipe showing that there is a gas leak. 


How Gas Detection Equipment Sales and Services Work


The gas detection equipment is usually battery operated and transmits audible and visible signals when harmful emissions are found. If there are dangerous levels of gas vapours, the gas detection equipment starts giving flashing lights and sounding alarms.

Gas detection equipment measures gas concentration and if the detection exceeds the alarm level, the alarm signal gets activated. Modern gas detection equipment can detect a number of toxic or combustible gases.


Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Equipment


The gas detection equipment sales and service are of two main kinds - portable devices and fixed gas detectors. The portable gas detection equipment is used around personnel and is worn on the belt and harness. The fixed gas detection equipment are used for detecting one or more gas types of gases. This detection equipment is set up near the area of a plant or control room for regular monitoring.


Calibration on Gas Detection Equipment


All gas detection equipment needs to be constantly serviced and safety checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Portable gas detection equipment needs to be calibrated more frequently because of the changes in the weather.

Generally speaking, the gas detection equipment will need quarterly, bi-annually or annual calibration. There are specific calibration gas requirement for different gas detection equipment.