Funeral Planning Checklist

Funeral Directors

Arranging a funeral is very stressful, what you need to organise and plan for is often the last thing on your mind. This is a useful checklist for planning a Melbourne funeral service:


Following Death Checklist


  • For any deaths, you need to notify authorities such as calling 000 if police or paramedics are not present
  • Inform the family and close friends
  • Find out if the person has pre-planned or pre-paid funeral arrangements
  • Select a Melbourne Funeral Director in your ideal location
  • Arrange for transportation of the deceased. A certified funeral director will be able to handle this for you.

It is not always easy to decide what needs to be done when someone dies. Taking time to talk to your funeral director is going to help you sift through the priorities.

Before you meet with the funeral arranger


  • Assign who will be the main point of contact
  • Gather person's information for obituary and death certificate
  • Gather important things such as clothing and jewellery needed
  • Make a list of guest who will be attending the burial or cremation, so that we can choose a venue such as church or chapel that will fit your needs
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Graveside service or a service at the crematory, followed by burial or cremation
  • Only graveyard service or a service at the crematory, followed by burial or cremation
  • Memorial service after the burial or cremation
  • Funeral service at home
  • Decide if you want any other funeral events
  • Viewing before funeral
  • Visitation before funeral
  • Select a date for burial or cremation


Other Aspects To Consider


  • Reception or gathering after funeral or memorial service
  • Will any religious mourning events be observed
  • Identify personal touches you’d like at the service
  • Person to manage your memorial service
  • Who will be the Pallbearers
  • Who will deliver eulogies
  • Will there be prayers, poems, or other readings? Who will read these?
  • Groups, organisations, and clubs will be notified of and invited to the funeral or memorial service
  • Choose a personalised music for the ceremony
  • Floral tributes
  • Organise a memorial booklet containing all guest personal signatures
  • Other funeral decorations such as photographs, medals, sporting or hobby memorabilia, flags, any special interest items, and candles
  • Funeral vehicles to transport family members to the funeral service
  • Choose clothing, jewellery or any other special items for your loved one to wear
  • Arrange notices for metropolitan, regional, interstate or overseas newspapers
  • Select someone for the eulogy at the funeral service