The Role Of Fire Prevention Consultants

Fire Prevention Consultants

The exact job description of fire prevention consultants often varies. The job of fire prevention consultants is to prevent fires.


Fire prevention consultants may advise different commercial and individual clients on how to make their businesses and premises safe from possible fire hazards, this  includes educating the different personnel. That is the main role of the fire prevention consultants.


What They Do


Fire prevention consultants inspect different premises in order to find out hazardous conditions that may exist. The fire prevention consultants offer their services to many business entities.

In many countries, the different businesses need to comply with certain fire safety regulations. For such purposes, fire prevention consultants need to be called upon. Fire prevention consultants need to provide a certificate to such enterprises stating that they have incorporated all necessary fire safety techniques and methods.


The Primary Job of Fire Prevention Consultants


The job of fire prevention consultants is to minimise the risk of fire in different ways. For instance, the fire prevention consultants work to educate the different people in a community about preventing fire and safety measures.

The fire prevention consultants may visit schools or different community organisations. The fire prevention consultants help to educate people by attending different events and speaking on relevant forums about preventing fire. A major role of fire prevention consultants lies in education and awareness.


Working In Liaison With Authorities


In some countries, fire prevention consultants work in liaison with fire department authorities. The fire prevention consultants take up awareness sessions in communities along with the fire department personnel.

However, the nature of employment of fire prevention consultants is different from that of fire prevention officers.


Fire Prevention Officers


Fire prevention officers are usually employed in different businesses and organisations while the fire prevention consultants work independently and have a consulting role. The fire prevention consultants will take on projects as asked by clients while the fire prevention officer of a campus or an organisation will try to ensure that no fire hazards exist or that the safety rules are followed within the premises.


How The Two Roles Differ


The fire prevention consultants, as well as fire prevention officers, need to be aware of the laws in their jurisdiction related to fire hazards.

Again, the issues of fire safety and building layouts for fire exposes are looked into by fire prevention consultants as well as by fire prevention officers. When fire prevention consultants find instances of fire law violation, they need to intervene and advise their clients to find a remedy to the situation.