What are Embassies & Consulates?


Consulates and embassy are the official representatives of the government of a country that is present inside the territory of another country.


Embassy and consulates are normally present to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries along with providing and assisting the citizens of the consulate’s home country who are in need of help in a foreign country.

A foreign embassy like consulates is the official office where the ambassador of the home country works and most of the time resides too. The rules and laws of the host country do not apply inside the walls of any embassy or consulate. The reason behind this is because the land officially belongs to the home country and anything that happens inside the embassy or consulates cannot be brought under the laws of the host country.


How do embassy and consulates work?


If citizens of the home country face any sort of problem in the host country then they can walk into the embassy or consulates for a solution. Some of the common troubles faced by citizens which are resolved by embassy and consulates are related to visas, passports, financial troubles, etc. These sorts of problems are resolved by embassy and consulates by coordinating with their counterparts in the host country.


How Do Embassy and Consulates Affect Tourism?


The way an embassy or consulates acts reflects the culture of their home country. This is why all embassy and consulates’ employees have to conduct themselves accurately. The embassy and consulates have huge responsibilities to fill as they are the official representatives of their home country in another host country.