Different Services of Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres

Community health centres focus on providing essential health facilities to a local community. There are different personnel and facilities that are available at community health centres.


The focus of community health centres is to provide affordable health care to people in a neighbourhood or community. Community service coordinators work with the doctors and other personnel who offer their services at the community health centres. Community health centres work for the families that are located in certain neighbourhoods.


Community Health Centres Service Coordination


The service coordinator of community health centres provides information and advice to the different families and community members who approach the community health centres.

Providing information regarding the availability of doctors and medical assistance for different conditions is a priority for the service coordinators of community health centres. Often, the community health centres are part of larger community centres which perform other functions as well.


Doctors At Community Health Centres


Community Health Centres will have a team of doctors and support staff available. The service coordinator needs to ensure that the doctors have fixed schedules and the support staff are available for assistance.

Doctors at Community Health Centres, for the most part, will focus on basic health checkups and common illness. However, some Community Health Centres will have speciality health services attached to the general centre.


Advice and Counselling


Many community members come to community health centres to seek advice. Apart from doctors, there are other healthcare professionals such as counsellors or advisors to help people. The counsellors play a vital role in providing affordable mental health services to the local community.


Healthcare Within Reach


The community health centres have a vital role to play in making health care affordable and within reach for communities. Community Health Centres will even organise blood donation, family planning, raising awareness of key diseases, etc.