The Nature of Civic Organisations

Civic Organisations

Civic organisations are also known as civic societies. Civic organisations work to supplement the work of the government.


Civic organisations usually work on a voluntary basis. The aim of the civic organisations is to bring about civic or social changes. The aim of the Civic Organisations is to help improve the lives of the people in the community.


Who Forms Civic Organisations


Civic organisations are usually not linked with any established government body. These civic organisations function independently. There are many civic organisations which are community-based. Such civic organisations work for the betterment of a community.

In a country or state, minority groups on the basis of religion or economic background may be helped by different civic organisations.


Different Kinds of Civic Organisations


There are several community programs organised by such civic organisations. Such civic organisations might organise health camps, walks to highlight different social issues and aim to develop community leadership.

Many large organisations have unions of workers, which also act as civic organisations. They look into the betterment of the working conditions of the workers and to provide welfare measures to the workers and their family members. Such Civic Organisations work towards the betterment of a certain community of people.


Different Aims of Civic Organisations


Civic change and development could be the aim of the civic events organised by the civic organisations. Civic organisations could organise education workshops or initiate night classes to help spread literacy.

The goals of civic organisations could also be helping schools and providing health care. Forming committees to implement such schemes, raise funds and carry out such projects is the aim of such civic organisations.


Raising Relevant Issues


Civic organisations gather strength and support and seek to influence certain government or economic policy decisions. Many social activists work with the support of civic organisations. Several civic organisations work to highlight social issues such as political and social breakdown.