Points to Consider for Renovations and Extensions

Building Contractors General

What is Extension Work?


Building contractors are usually involved in renovations and extensions. There is a lot of difference between renovations and extensions. Extensions usually mean adding extra rooms or extending the floor space of the current rooms. Thus, if you extend the kitchen into the yard to have a larger kitchen or you extend your bedroom wall and make it a larger room, these are examples of extensions that building contractors usually do.


What is Renovation Work?


When it comes to renovations, it usually means any improvement in an existing property. That could include different kinds of work:

  • Redecoration and painting.
  • Floor covering changes; carpet, floorboards or tiling.
  • Remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. This includes retiling of not only floors but waterproof areas.
  • Installation of additional facilities such as roller shutters, rainwater tanks, solar panels and others

Renovations are usually undertaken to add extra value to an existing property, whereas an extension is usually carried out to provide extra space for a family or business looking to expand. 


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Doing It Yourself vs Professionals


Before you begin a renovation and extension project you need to ascertain whether you need to engage a building contractor for such a work.

If the work is small, you could consider carrying out yourself. That will save you the cost of labor that is charged by a building contractor.

When you need electrical work, plumbing or other specialised work to be done, you need to engage building contractors who have the specialists to do such work on your behalf. This is required by law to ensure that all work meets safety and health standards. This is also required for any internal structural work that might be considered out.

This is where the skills of a building contractor are required as they will know what elements are structural and how to removed load-bearing walls while keeping the building structurally sound.


Regulations and Guidelines to Consider


Renovations and extensions projects completed by building contractors might include a number of changes where permissions need to be obtained or regulations have to be complied with.

Thus, no matter what kind of renovation or extension project is being undertaken, in the case of a large-scale change, the building contractors need to know the local regulations and the guidelines that need to be maintained in terms of safety and avoidance of accidents and use of hazardous substances.