Art Conservation and Restoration

Art Conservation Restoration

Who does the restoration and conservation of art? Those who are involved in the restoration and conservation of art are individuals specially trained in the best practices and techniques for safely restoring historic art pieces.


Restoring Different Art Forms


The practice of art restoration and conservation includes conserving as well as repairing different works of art. This conservation and restoration is not limited to a single art form and covers ever vestige of art, including painting, sculptures, tapestries etc.


Protecting and Repairing Artworks


Art conservation and restoration are usually carried out to ensure that painting is protected from years of aging. Using the proper techniques the artworks can be protected for future generations to enjoy.

The aim of restoration is to get the original art pieces back their original look and uses the same materials that were used in the creation of the artwork.


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Protecting Historical Items


Those who work in the restoration and conservation of art are trained professionals. Theses trained professionals know the importance of preserving historical art pieces. They know that these artwork hold historical and cultural value. The art restoration and conservation are done with the intention of maintaining the historical integrity of the piece.


Careers in Conservation


Art restoration  and conservation projects could be sponsored by governments, private organisations or individuals. Many governments wish to preserve their  history of a place and, therefore, there are many grants of art restorers and conservationist.

There are many historical buildings, museums and galleries that are in need of specialist art conservationist. However most art restorers will focus on a very specific area of art conservation and focus on honing their skill through their entire life on that particular artform.

There are several universities where one can get a master's degree in the restoration of arts and conservation. Those who train in art conservation and restoration need to have backgrounds in science, art and history as well as restoration techniques and processes. The work of restoration of arts and conservation can be diverse. Such professionals are involved in many historical conservation projects and restoration of ancient artifacts.