Important Facts You Should Know About Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repairs

A few years ago the topic of shoe repairs would not have necessitated the same level of interest as it does today. But with prices escalating at an alarming pace for everything we buy, shoe repairs can be a great alternative to buying new shoes and at a fraction of the cost.


Minor problems like worse for wear, little rips and snags can easily be fixed through shoe repairs.


Common Types of Shoe Repairs


Shoe repairs to heels – When heels are worn down they not only look bad but they also put considerable strain on the back, legs and ankles. Typically replacement heels are done out of rubber but you can request for leather or combination heels at an extra cost. Plastic taps inserted on the back of the heels during shoe repairs help in effectively extending the shoes lifespan.


Inserting lifts - Shoe lifts wear out easily and therefore require repairs relatively quickly. The replacement lifts are generally made out of a synthetic material like nylon. During this type of shoe repair, lifts are nailed, glued or attached to a dowel fitted through the heel shaft.


Replacing shoe soles – If the soles of your shoes are filled with holes but the rest of the shoe is in good condition you may want to consider replacing only the soles. During shoe repairs to the sole either a full replacement can be done or only part be replaced when half of the sole has come loose. Replacing in full is recommended despite the higher cost as it gives a better durability. Resoling involves the use of synthetic or leather material.


General shoe repairs can take many forms. Shoe repairs shops offer a range of services including patching cuts, colour dyeing, adjusting the fit, replacing straps, waterproofing etc. There are specialised shoe repairs shops that will provide you repairs for orthopaedic shoes.


Finding a Reliable Shoe Repairs Shop


It is not difficult to locate an expert in shoe repairs in your vicinity. However, if you don’t have shoe repairs services in your neighbourhood you can always check on the internet or local business directory.


It is important to check out customer ratings and reviews. Get in contact and ask some pertinent questions like what will be the final cost, is the repairs justified in the present condition of shoes if the shoe is in need of further repairs and what sort of maintenance it will require in future.