Secrets you Didn’t Know About Furniture Restorations

Furniture Restorations Repairs

As any antique furniture collector will know, it is very difficult to find an antique chair, table or other furniture that has not at some point suffered damage.


Antique furniture carries substantial aesthetic and financial value. This is one of the reasons for furniture restorations and repairs companies are highly in demand. If you are looking for a reliable furniture restorations and repairs service, this article will shed some light on essential things you should know about furniture repairs.


Is it Possible to Carry Furniture Restorations and Repairs on Your Own?


Conducting furniture restorations and repairs on your own is practical depending on the type, condition of your furniture. If you have antique furniture of great value the best option would be to leave the furniture restorations and repairs task to a professional specialising on this type of work. Otherwise simple and basic furniture restorations work and general repairs can be done at home by you. 


Hiring Furniture Restorations and Repairs Experts


One of the main things to consider when hiring furniture restoration and repair experts is to ascertain if they’re capable of meeting your expectations. Some furniture repair professional services have specific standards and policies in furniture restorations work.


Furniture Restorations and Repairs After Fire or Flood Damage


The complexity restoring and repairing furniture that has been damaged by fire or flood is much higher, as your furniture has to be cleaned of smoke, soot and grime.

It is very important to determine an optimum solution in handling furniture restorations for this type of damage. This is also a job that is best handled by specialists instead of generalist furniture restoration and repair professionals.

Depending on the extent of damage the repair company will give you an estimate for salvageable items.

Damages occurring from water may require treatment for mold and mildew before proceeding with relevant furniture restorations and repairs. The biggest challenge is for upholstered furniture restorations. In this type of furniture restoration, you need to first consider if it is worthwhile to salvage damaged furniture against the cost of buying a new.


Furniture Restorations vs. Furniture Refinishing


People often tend to confuse the terms furniture refinishing and furniture restorations as same. In furniture restorations furniture is first cleaned, critical parts are replaced, necessary repairs made and the piece is restored to reflect its former glory. In refinishing the furniture is upgraded to a new look which may or may not look the same as original.


Tips for Getting the Best Furniture Restorations and Repair Services


Before you hand over the fate of your beloved furniture to any type of furniture restoration and repair service here are certain steps that you should follow for your benefit.

  1. Ask for recommendations from antique dealers. Since they frequently engage with various furniture restorations services they can guide you in the right direction.
  2. Once you have narrowed your search you can check for any complaints lodged against those furniture restorations and repairs companies at the Better Business Bureau.
  3. First shop around then make your decision. Different furniture restorations and repairs services offer different packages and extras. Compare not only the prices but the type of service and value additions offered by each of these furniture restorations and repairs services.
  4. Get specific timelines, budget agreements and make sure the repairs company and you have established a mutually agreeable arrangement of which both parties are clear.

Proper furniture restorations and repairs will help in not just restoring furniture to early splendor but it will also lengthen it’s life span and bring to light the hidden beauty of your furniture.