Bathroom Renovations in Australia

Bathroom Renovations

A lot of consideration goes into the look, feel, and layout of a great bathroom. You want somewhere that’s functional but also something that is comfortable and looks great. Bathroom renovations are a rather commonplace home improvement, with many owners wanting to upgrade the functionality as well as update the overall styling of their bathrooms.


These days, bathroom renovations range from the simple sink upgrade, all the way to a total bathroom makeover, sometimes even expanding the floor area.

A bathroom renovation can set you back anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to easily over $50,000 plus, depending on the scope of the work, the materials and the labor costs of bathroom renovators.


Things to Think About with Bathroom Renovations


If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom and have very little experience in D.I.Y. then it’s best to hire a professional. If you choose a builder or contractor they will be able to go through the steps required to fully renovate your bathroom, they will also be able to provide a rough estimate for bathroom fittings and fixtures along with a quote for the labor costs of all trades.

Therefore, to ensure you receive a detailed quote it is imperative that you are very accurate when you describe the scope of work. A quote from a bathroom renovator will only be as precise as the information you provide them regarding your bathroom renovation.

Before asking for quotes it is best to have some idea of the style and design you might like. Take the time to go through bathroom design websites and magazines. You will get many ideas and plenty of inspiration for your bathroom renovations. This will allow you to make more specific decisions and choices regarding your forthcoming bathroom renovation. For instance, you can determine things like having a skylight installed, placement of a bathtub, relocating a sink or shower, improvements in the lighting and the type of style you might like.

This way you will see what is doable, what is out of the question, and what compromises you may have to make. When you first get in touch with a bathroom renovators, do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your ideal bathroom.

Besides specifying the kinds and quality of fittings you will want, you might also have to give information like details about the layout of your existing bathroom, and whether or not you want to relocate major elements like your shower, sink, and/or bathtub or toilet.

As you move forward, keep in mind that you are likely to require a licensed contractor/bathroom renovator to do some or all of this work. This will include a licensed plumber, electrician, tiler, and builder. Licensed trades are properly qualified, and will be covered by the obligatory insurance and will make sure your bathroom renovation conforms to the mandatory standards and are finished to the highest of standards.