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Tamar Yacht Club

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ABN: 68 102 182 915

7 Park St, Launceston, TAS 7250

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About Us

  • 100% Most Entertaining Yacht Clubs in Launceston

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100% Most Entertaining Yacht Clubs in Launceston

Are you ready for a luxurious vacation? Call Tamar Yacht Clubs and enjoy the best Launceston yacht clubs. To enjoy your vacation even more by going into the best shopping places, lying down and relaxing on a sweet evening with wine and great food and go on a tour where you will see magnificent finds – and more in this one of a kind yacht clubs in Launceston. To step in a different place where grandiose and excellence meets is the goal of this Launceston yacht clubs – and customers can definitely attest to the great experience.

Highly Valued Yacht Clubs in Launceston

Whether it may be the delicious seafood that you are looking for or the beautiful clubhouse, then the answer is to choose the Launceston yacht clubs in town. They are not only a respected yacht clubs in Launceston but they are also heavy on entertainment value which sets them apart from other Launceston yacht clubs.

If looking for Launceston yacht clubs don’t just look for the face value – also take a look at what kind of tours and amenities they provide. This Launceston yacht clubs is highly recommended because not only are they yacht clubs in Launceston that have high face value they also provide their customer’s money worth – awesome tours and very sumptuous feasts. The activities this yacht clubs in Launceston have lined up for their customers are definitely one for the books – something that other Launceston yacht clubs are yet to do.

Tamar Yacht Clubs is not only a premier Launceston yacht clubs but it also takes pride in the great customer service it provides. By being courteous and always proactively offering assistance whenever and wherever, this Launceston yacht clubs has become famous for its staff of very likable people. Make sure your vacation is at the best Launceston yacht clubs in town!

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Tamar Yacht Clubs
(03) 6331 8013 Launceston

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  • What amenities do your Launceston yacht clubs have?

    For you to fully enjoy yourself and see that we are the most outstanding Launceston yacht clubs, see our beautiful clubhouse, classy dining outlets, and a fully equipped marina. You will be able to enjoy as well delicious food and a relaxing time!

  • How do we get in touch with you?

    You can reach us at 03 6331 8013 where we are excited to provide you our packages and new deals! Call us today to reserve or book and start enjoying your time in the most sought after yacht clubs in Launceston!

  • What sets you apart from the other yacht clubs?

    Our amenities and food is not all that’s there to amaze you! We have a courteous staff and great customer service always available to help you may it be directions, room service or just simple questions that you need to be answered. We strongly believe that you will remember us greatly as an Launceston yacht clubs who showed you that you mattered!

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