Millinery Retailers

Millinery Retailers

There are a fast growing number of millinery retailers which only points to the growing popularity of hats and headwear. The sales and design of hats has evolved into a flourishing industry within Australia.


What Is Millinery?


Many people might not understand what a millinery retailer supplies. Indeed, the millinery profession is not widely known by many people. Millinery is the art of designing and manufacture of hats and any other forms of headwear. Millinery retailers are shops or stores that sell these goods.


A milliner is a highly specialised skill within the design and fashion industry. Millinery terms are sometimes limited to women's hats, but it is common to see different products for men, women, and children being sold at those retailers.


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Some of the Famous Millinery Experts


There are many books written on millinery experts and the retailers. The world's first celebrity fashion designer in the line of millinery retailers is Rose Bertin, the milliner to Marie Antoinette.


One of the famous millinery retailers is David Shilling, who is based in Monaco. Famous for his once of kind hats that are rated as some of the most exclusive and expensive in the world.


What is Sold At Millinery Retailers


We find that the earlier millinery retailers often sold almost everything related to fashion in their shops. Today, many millinery retailers focus wholly on the design and creation of hats. Some millinery stores will still offer small accessories to accompany their hats. These will usually be smaller items such as neckerchiefs, scarves, gloves etc.


These Millinery Retailers will sometimes work in partnership with other specialty fashion designers who provide lavish outfits to match the particular style of the hat.