Boiler System Repairs

Boiler Service Repairs

The service and repairs of boilers falls within the category of HVAC system repairs. All boiler systems will need repairs or a full replacement at some stage in their life.


It’s advised that you have your boiler regularly serviced to prolong its life and make sure that all internal parts meet the latest fire, electrical, gas and safety standards. Thus, you need to know whom to call when you need your boiler or hot water system serviced or repaired.


Cleaning of Filters


One of the most common area of concern in the service and repairs of boiler systems are clogged or dirty filters. When you have a clogged or dirty filter will reduce the performance of your system and may require the filter be replaced. There are other materials that need to be addressed in the service and repairs of boiler systems. There could be closed internal vents or gas leaks that will need to be addressed by the service and repairs of boiler systems.


Difficult Repairs


The service and repairs of boiler systems may include serious or complicated repairs. For instance, there may be a major fault with your boiler that would require it to be replaced.  The first step is to identify the problem. There are boiler system service and repair technicians who will be able to use specialised diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your exact problem. Once the problem has been identified the boiler service and repair technician will be able to provide a full costing for repairs or replacements, along with the amount of hours it will take to fix.


Checking the Thermostat Function


Thermostats are less likely to need repairs and servicing than other parts of your boiler system. However, they still need to be checked regularly, as they could be faulty not only costing you money but are potentially dangerous.

There would be service agencies in your area that deal specifically in the service and repair of boiler systems.