Backpackers Accommodation

Accommodation Backpackers Hotels

Hostels or backpackers accommodation arrangements range from basic needs which include a bed space, table and shower to luxurious features such as spas, air conditioning, sport and gym facilities and many more.


Hostels are designed to give guests accommodation at affordable rates. Hostels vary in design and features, targeting different types of customers and offing different packages.

Backpackers accommodation generally offers provides backpackers accommodation and lodging services to tourist, students and a variety of others.

Backpackers Accommodation has provisions to accommodate people in large dormitories, there are also double or twin rooms which accommodate two persons and single rooms that offer privacy and comfort.

The dormitories of a backpacker’s are designed as such as guests share facilities and socialize. Apart from the low rates the Backpacker accommodation offers, complimentary breakfast is served each morning.


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Benefits of Backpacker Accommodation

There are many benefits of backpackers accommodation some of which include:

  • Low cost backpackers accommodation as compared to other hotels
  • They promote socialization amongst guest and more social activities are present than conventional hotels
  • Hostels are less formal when compared to hotels
  • Most have a library that contain travel guides to help guests on tour
  • Hostels provide DVD libraries and also book swap systems
  • Staff members also serve as guides presenting the best travel options and advice to residents, such as best places to drink, eat and the best time to visit tourist sites.
  • Many hostel staff members are always there to provide services to their guests for either a nominal charge or no charge at all.