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On Cue Warwick

On Cue Warwick

Snooker Clubs - Warwick, WA 6024

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12 Dugdale St, Warwick, WA 6024

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Friendly Staff

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Competitive Play Warwick Snooker Clubs Warwick

Competitive Play Warwick Snooker Clubs

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Friendly Staff

The Warwick snooker club of On-Cue Warwick has been trading for years and prides its self on its facilities and friendly service. With great tables in a great atmosphere, our Warwick snooker club appeal to all abilities and ages. The snooker room is more traditional with no loud music to be heard or any other distractions so you can concentrate on your game. Our snooker club in Warwick has a lounge which is large and comfortable with social membership just as important as snooker. The Warwick snooker club also shows all sporting events on big screen TV’s and Regular entertainment is also provided to our Warwick snooker club members.

Licensed Warwick Snooker Club

On-Cue Warwick is traditionally running snooker club in Warwick with a friendly atmosphere, the Warwick snooker club boasts snooker tables, pool tables and several darts lanes. We have several Warwick snooker club teams who play in the local Warwick snooker league who year in year out bring home an array of silverware. The Warwick snooker club offers competitive table rates, through either a membership or non-membership rate. Our snooker club in Warwick also host a friendly bar, welcome to Warwick snooker club players or just people who want to come in to enjoy a quality pint or two. The Warwick snooker club of On-Cue Warwick offers a wide selection of lagers, ciders, real ales and soft drinks for you to enjoy as well as a selection of food and snacks.

Our snooker club in Warwick have earned a reputation for attention to detail and a high standard of equipment maintenance, for example, all our snooker and pool tables are brushed between every session, and then ironed after 6 hours of play. The snooker club's floor is fitted with professional standard tournament lighting, we have a full range of equipment available for every table, and our Warwick snooker club only uses professional standard Aramith Tournament Champion snooker balls and Aramith Premier Pro-Cup 8-ball pool balls, which are hand polished between every session.

Warwick Snooker Clubs
On-Cue Warwick
08 9246 5480 Warwick

Competitive Play Warwick Snooker Clubs



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  • Why choose our snooker club in Warwick?

    The Warwick snooker club of On-Cue Warwick has licensed bars on both floors serving drinks, hot and cold food, and snacks. We aim to provide a quiet, relaxed and friendly environment in which to play snooker, billiards, pool, or darts, regardless of your age or ability.

  • Are you open everyday?

    On-Cue Warwick opens 7 days a week and our prices are the lowest around. The Warwick snooker club facilities are open to members and their guests only, but we welcome all applications to join. To join the club just come in and fill out a quick form and you can start playing immediately.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact the snooker club of On-Cue Warwick in Warwick at 08 9246 5480 for more information and details about our club's services and amenities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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