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Two Rocks Marina And Boat Lifters

Yacht Clubs - Two Rocks, WA 6037

Sovereign Drv, Two Rocks, WA 6037

  • awards Certified Marine Training and Coaching
  • awards Registered Yacht Club in Two Rocks
  • awards Thrilling Sailing Races and Cruises
  • awards Professional and Seasoned Sailors
  • awards Prominent Yacht Club in Two Rocks
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About Us

  • Modern Maritime Facilities

  • Exciting Yacht Club Regattas in Two Rocks

  • Reliable Marine Rescue Group

  • Organized Cruises and Fun Sailing Activities

  • Exclusive Yacht Club Parties and Gatherings in Two Rocks

Modern Maritime Facilities

Registered Yacht Club in Two Rocks





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Servicing Suburbs

You Asked Us

  • How can one become a Two Rocks Marina and Boat Lifters yacht club member?

    To experience ultimate yacht club membership benefits, call us at 08 9561 1100 here in Two Rocks. We are more than willing to give details as to our membership qualifications. Surely, you will not regret your decision of joining our yacht club in Two Rocks.

  • Does your club accept a novice in sailing?

    Yes, Two Rocks Marina and Boat Lifters caters to pro and novice sailors. For as long as you have accomplished our membership requisites and fees, you can become a Two Rocks yacht club member. Yacht club members without much experience in sailing need not fret since we have a team of professional sailors who will assist them here in Two Rocks.

  • What are the perks of being a Two Rocks Marina and Boat Lifters yacht club member?

    Being a yacht club member of Two Rocks Marina and Boat Lifters, one gets to experience a memorable sailing encounter in Two Rocks. Our yacht club members will have access to racing, pleasure sailing and breathtaking regattas in Two Rocks. Moreover, we organized cruises and exclusive parties that will indeed give our members the much-needed relaxation and recreation.

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