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Thornlie, Thornlie, WA 6108

  • awards Accredited Tree Service Provider
  • awards Registered Lawn Mowers and Garden Care Business
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Gardening and Maintenance Thornlie

Gardening and Maintenance

Lawn Mowing Services Thornlie

Lawn Mowing Services

Garden Landscape | Thornlie Gardeners Thornlie

Garden Landscape | Thornlie Gardeners

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About Us

  • Thornlie Lawn Cutting Service

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Thornlie Lawn Cutting Service

B/K Gardening and Maintenance promises the best garden care and maintenance you can ever ask for Thornlie gardeners. If you want a more beautiful garden, then they are the right man for the job.

Registered Lawn Mowers and Garden Care Business

Our Thornlie gardeners provide professional and high-quality designs and services that will help make your garden more appealing to the eyes. B/K Gardening and Maintenance Thornlie offer property maintenance that includes gardening, planting, garden maintenance, lawn mowing, tree service, hedging, pruning, trimming, and landscaping.

B/K Gardening and Maintenance Thornlie ensures that you come home to a freshly cut, designed and maintained lawns and gardens. We promise to remove all sharp edges and neatly shape your garden hedges. You will never have trouble maintaining your garden because we will make it easier for you, giving back your Thornlie weekends with no stress!

We provide the following lawn and gardening Thornlie services here at B/K Gardening and Maintenance:

- Lawn mowing
- Ride on mowing
- Edge trimming
- Mulching
- Hedge clipping
- Tree pruning & trimming
- Garden maintenance
- Weeding
- Garden pest control
- Top dressing and fertilising
- Aerating of lawns
- Turf laying and repair
- Irrigation supply and installation
- Thornlie Landscaping
- Gutter cleaning
- Garden Clean-up and rubbish removal
- Installing synthetic lawns

We want all our Thornlie customers to feel that we value their time and money so we always provide the highest Thornlie garden care and maintenance service. We know how difficult it is to main and design a garden that needs frequent time and attention so we offer our Thornlie garden services at extremely competitive rates based on your needs. You can give us a call and talk to our Thornlie representative.

So if your Thornlie garden needs attention, please give B/K Gardening and Maintenance Thornlie a call on 0448 401 369.

Thornlie Gardeners
B/K Gardening and Maintenance
0448 401 369 Thornlie

Garden Landscape | Thornlie Gardeners

Products and Services

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Servicing Suburbs


  • What lawn services do you offer?

    Here at B/K Gardening and Maintenance Thornlie, we offer lawn mowing, lawn designing, lawn preparation, lawn cutting and lawn makeover. We know that the overall look of your garden depends on a clean lawn so we will make sure you get that done professionally.

  • What are your gardening offers?

    We offer several gardening and maintenance services in Thornlie such as Lawn mowing, Ride on mowing, Edge trimming, Mulching, Hedge clipping, Tree pruning & trimming, Garden maintenance, Weeding, Garden pest control, Top dressing and fertilising, Aerating of lawns, Turf laying and repair, Irrigation supply and installation, Landscaping, Gutter cleaning, Garden Clean-up and rubbish removal, and Installing synthetic lawns.

  • Can you give me a quote for my garden?

    Yes, definitely! You may call us at 0448 401 369, and we will have our Thornlie gardener and representative give you an estimate quote, and we will know once we get a chance to visit your garden and see what else it needs.

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