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2 Val St, Rockingham, WA 6168

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Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in Rockingham

Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham is the perfect centre for all functions and conferences. Whether it a very public party or a very private wedding in Rockingham. Our yacht club in Rockingham provides a friendly social environment by supporting and developing the social functions and events at Rockingham Cruising Yacht Club Of WA. In our yacht club in Rockingham, we assure to provide you with a safe and secure facility in Rockingham for the storing and maintaining of member’s vessels. Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham is dedicated to inspiring and promoting appreciation of sailing, power-boating and other maritime sports through competitive, recreational and social activities. Our yacht club provides a haven in Rockingham for boating enthusiasts and their guests with our Rockingham yacht clubs first-class harbour facilities, clubhouse and other amenities, fostering good seamanship, education and an overall spirit of camaraderie and excellence.

Licensed Yacht Clubs in Rockingham

Enjoy the wonderful experience of traversing the beautiful oceans in Rockingham. This is a beautiful experience, especially if you do it at Rockingham Cruising Yacht Club Of WA. At Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham, you’re a community of friendly sailing enthusiasts. Being a member of Rockingham yacht clubs definitely has its perks and this is just one of them. Learn how to sail today. The Rockingham yacht clubs are just waiting for you to Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham is ready to welcome you anytime.

Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham, our yacht clubs offer a complete range of sailing, social activities in Rockingham and opportunities for all. Our yacht clubs offer membership where a lot of benefits awaits you. Here at Cruising Yacht Club Of WA, we can cater for your celebration, whatever the occasion. Our yacht clubs in Rockingham really give your team a venue that’ll make them sit up and take notice. Our yacht clubs of Rockingham is the perfect centre for all functions and conferences.

Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham, without a doubt, is one of the best yacht clubs in the Rockingham area. We have expert sailing instructors who can train you in navigating Australia’s beautiful blue oceans. There's no doubt that Rockingham Cruising Yacht Club Of WA is among the finest yacht clubs in a1001. In fact, they are one of the few yacht clubs in Rockingham that can really help you do things that you have always wanted.

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Cruising Yacht Club Of WA
08 9527 5468 Rockingham

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  • What other amenities does your Rockingham yacht club have?

    Apart from being in a fabulous location in Rockingham, our Rockingham yacht club has a club house, which includes a fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms. We have a wide deck with shade sails, a storage area for kayaks and stand up paddleboards, a grassed area in which members could have a barbecue, and adequate parking space.

  • Is your yacht club in Rockingham available for hire during private events?

    Yes, our Rockingham yacht club is available for those who wish to use it as a venue for private functions. We have hosted weddings and other private events on our premises, which has the most amazing views. You can contact Cruising Yacht Club Of WA at 08 9527 5468 for more information and details about our amenities and services. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Why choose us?

    Cruising Yacht Club Of WA in Rockingham has a team of friendly members and staff who are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and world-class sailing competition to members throughout Rockingham. We are an active yacht club who host a number of renowned sailing competitions throughout the country.

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