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Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club Pty Ltd

Yacht Clubs - Quindalup, WA 6281

Lot 25/ Geographe Bay Rd, Quindalup, WA 6281

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About Us

  • Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in Quindalup

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Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in Quindalup

Fully Certified Yacht Club in Quindalup





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Servicing Suburbs

  • Can we rent the function room in your Quindalup yacht club?

    You definitely can. Our Quindalup yacht club offers arrangements for the function room, catering, and bar facilities for your next event. Please enquire with the club manager to book your next event with us.

  • How competitive are your employees?

    We have the best people for the job. Our team in Quindalup yacht club are passionate in helping and assisting our members to make sure they are able to maximise our Quindalup Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club Pty Ltd facilities and events.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club Pty Ltd at 08 9756 7910 for more information and details about our Quindalup yacht clubs membership and amenities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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