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Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Inc.

Yacht Clubs - Ocean Reef, WA 6027

Ocean Reef Marina, Ocean Reef, WA 6027

  • awards Amazing Family Friendly Yacht Club Facilities in Ocean Reef
  • awards Biologically Diverse Diving Spots
  • awards Best Yacht Club in Ocean Reef with Unspoiled Coastal Views and Scenery
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About Us

  • Ocean Reef Yacht Club with Great Family Friendly Facilities

  • Social Events and Reception

  • Power Boating and Sailing Opportunities

  • Amazing Diving Spots

  • On-site PEDI Instructor

Ocean Reef Yacht Club with Great Family Friendly Facilities

Biologically Diverse Diving Spots

What We Offer




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Servicing Suburbs


  • What Are the Membership Requirements for Yacht Club in Ocean Reef?

    The process of becoming a member of our Ocean Reef yacht club is fairly straightforward. You simply have to download the membership form found on our website which you have to print and fill out and don't forget to fill out all details before returning to the office. Additionally, we would need you to know an existing member who will propose and second your application form. However, if you don't know anybody in the club you just simply need to ask our staff at the office for more information.

  • Are There Membership Fees and Other Payments Needed When Becoming a Member?

    Just like yacht clubs in Ocean Reef, the Ocean Reef Sports Club have an annual fee which covers the running expenses of maintaining the club. In addition to the annual fee, you will be required to pay a non-refundable nomination when you first join the club.  For additional details and up-to-date information about club fees and payments, you can check it out at our website or contact us at (08) 9401 8800 and get in touch with one of our support representatives.

  • Can Non-members Have Access to Ocean Reef Yacht Club Facilities and Amenities?

    Non-members to the yacht club in Ocean Reef are not allowed to use any facilities or amenities of the club which includes buying food and drinks unless they are accompanied by an existing member who would then have to sign any purchases within club premises.

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