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Jervoise Bay Sailing Club

Yacht Clubs - Munster, WA 6166

Lot149/ Woodman Point Vw, Munster, WA 6166

  • awards Most Family Friendly Yacht Clubs in Munster
  • awards Established in 1977
  • awards Best Yacht Clubs in Munster Near Jervoise Bay Beach
  • awards Holds Tornado, Hobie and Windrush Championships
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All About Us

  • Among The Hospitable and Welcoming Yacht Clubs in Munster

  • Excellent Access to Cockburn Sound and Nearby Islands

  • One of the Munster Yacht Clubs Near John Graham Recreation Reserve

  • Boasts Unobstructed Breezes and Calm, Flat Waters

  • Offers Yachting Australia Accredited Training Programs

Among The Hospitable and Welcoming Yacht Clubs in Munster

Established in 1977

What We Offer




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Servicing Suburbs

Answers to Questions

  • Why should we choose you over other yacht clubs in Munster?

    With Jervoise Bay Sailing Club, you can rest assured that you are treated like family. Our friendly and very accommodating staff takes great pride in being among the best yacht clubs in Munster. That's why you are guaranteed to receive the best service every time.

  • What water vehicles are perfect for your waters?

    Jervoise Bay Sailing Club sailing areas are situated in the Owen Anchorage, which is protected by Woodman's Point. This results to calm and flat waters and unobstructed sea breeze. We are among the best Munster yacht clubs with waters perfect for beach cats, shallow draft trailer sailers and some sailing dinghies.

  • How can we reach you?

    To get a more detailed list of what Jervoise Bay Sailing Club can do for you that other clubs in Munster can't, get in touch with our staff directly on 08 9418 3996. You may also visit our website at

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