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Natrad Malaga

Radiator Repairs - Malaga, WA 6090

DetailOriented Radiator Repair Specialists in Malaga

ABN: 26 149 771 782

Unit 1, 35 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga, WA 6090

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All About Us

  • Offers 3-Year Nationwide Warranty

  • Licensed Radiator Repairmen in Malaga

  • Experienced Malaga Radiator Repair Technicians

Offers 3-Year Nationwide Warranty

Feeling too stressed out lately? Take a little time to notice the ways you cool yourself down when you’re feeling burnt out. Just like us, our cars also have its own methods and techniques of cooling down to ensure optimum performance. These methods and techniques of cooling down also contribute to lessening the risk of our cars breaking down.

Decades of Radiator Repair Experience in Malaga

Radiators are responsible for ensuring that our cars’ engines are cooled down to safe temperatures. If you need help in making sure that your car functions the way it is supposed to, trust the team of expert car radiator repair specialists from Natrad Malaga.

Natrad Malaga has been the leading auto radiator repair company in Malaga for many years. Our staff is well-trained in performing quality car radiator repairs on all types of vehicles including sedans and freighter trucks. Natrad Malaga's team of car radiator repair specialists has experience in working with residential clients, trucking and mining companies as well as large transport fleets.

When you avail of Natrad Malaga's expert services, you are guaranteed to receive superior quality services. All of our trusted car radiator repair specialists are licensed workers. Natrad Malaga also take great pride in providing car radiator repair services that are backed up by our 3-year nationwide warranty.

Our hard working Malaga car radiator repair technicians are also well-trained in performing car radiator replacements and maintenance. Our team in Malaga has access to a wide variety of quality accessories and products that are perfect for any type of vehicle. Natrad Malaga also has the means and knowledge to fabricate custom fittings, specialist parts, and components.

When you hire Natrad Malaga's trusted car radiator repair specialists, you can rest assured that you are receiving superior quality, personalised services. We boast many years of experience in performing anything from inspections and diagnoses to car radiator repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

In addition to car radiator repairs, Natrad Malaga also has a reliable team of experts who are committed to providing professional auto air conditioning services. Our experts at Natrad Malaga understands how hot it can be in Malaga. A well-functioning auto air conditioning system is a must for every car out there. We, at Natrad Malaga, are committed to giving you the comfort that you deserve. So, for any air conditioning problem your car faces, do not hesitate to contact our trusted auto air conditioning experts.

Check out our website if you're trying to find expert car radiator repair and auto air conditioning service technicians in Malaga. We have been in the radiator repair and air conditioning service industry for more than 30 years. Natrad Malaga also has around 70 branch stores throughout the country. Our friendly and dedicated radiator repair and air conditioning specialists have received thousands of good reviews from satisfied customers not just in Malaga but all over Australia.

In addition to car radiator repair and auto air conditioning services, our Natrad Malaga can now handle other auto care jobs. To know more about the extent of our expertise, you may reach us on
08 9249 3865. Our dependable car radiator repairmen and air conditioning experts are available to cater to your needs during business hours. We also encourage you to visit our website to know more about our business. We look forward to taking care of your car for you!

Malaga Radiator Repair Specialists
Natrad Malaga
08 9249 3865 Malaga

Premium Radiator Repair and Services Malaga Radiator Repairs

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  • How can we reach your car radiator repair specialists in Malaga?

    For any inquiries regarding our services, you may reach our team of trusted car radiator repair specialists on 08 9249 3865. Natrad Malaga also has a website you can visit to find out more about the extent of our services. If you wish to visit us in person, just head on over to Unit 1, 35 Oxleigh Drive and we will be more than happy to assist you in any of your questions.

  • Where else can I use your 3-year warranty?

    Natrad Malaga has about 70 branch stores all throughout the country. All products and services provided by our expert car radiator repair specialists and auto air conditioning technicians are backed up by this 3-year nationwide warranty. So, as our dear customer, you can be assured that wherever you are in the country, you are well taken care of by our team of experts.

  • Can your radiator repair technicians repair my truck's radiator?

    Yes, definitely! Natrad Malaga's team of well-trained and highly experienced car radiator repair specialists can work on any type of vehicle. In addition to doing radiator repairs for clients in Malaga, we also boast many years of industry experience in doing radiator maintenance and replacements. Our staff is also capable of repairing, maintaining, and replacing auto air conditioning systems. Contact us today on 08 9249 3865 to know more about our services.

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