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ABN: 40 679 241 964

Ridgehill Rd, Maida Vale, WA 6057

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Friendly Staff

The Maida Vale Netball Club of Foothills Netball Association aim is to ensure that all coaching is delivered by qualified or soon to be qualified coaches. These Maida Vale netball club coaches will also be trained in and will have been screened for their suitability for working with young people. Our Maida Vale netball club welcome ladies over the age of 15 who are at any standard – so whether you haven’t played netball since school and fancy remembering what it was like or you are looking to play competitively in the league, why not come along in our Maida Vale netball club and give us a try?

The Maida Vale netball club of Foothills Netball Association works alongside with local authorities, schools, other Maida Vale netball club and other sporting bodies to allow players and officials to develop their skills to enhance netball within the area of Maida Vale and surrounding areas. Together, our Maida Vale netball club aims to broaden participation in netball in all locations, for all who want to play.

Our netball club in Maida Vale welcome parents to all training, competitions and tournaments and your support is of great value. We are very keen to try and involve parents in the Maida Vale Netball Club. The Maida Vale netball club of Foothills Netball Association is able to provide courses for coaching and umpiring should you be interested and our Maida Vale netball club is always looking for administrative help.

Our Maida Vale netball club's mission statement is simple: we want everyone who wants to be involved in netball, to be involved. Whether you are a complete beginner or are returning to netball after a break (no matter how many decades!) whatever your age there's a place for you in our netball club in Maida Vale. And if you can't or don't want to play but still want to be involved by helping at sessions or coaching then we definitely want to hear from you!

The Maida Vale netball club of Foothills Netball Association is always looking for new members to join us, whether you want to come along to training, develop some new skills and meet new people, or whether you want to play competitively.

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Foothills Netball Association
08 9454 7299 Maida Vale

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  • Where is your netball club located in Maida Vale?

    The netball club of Foothills Netball Association is located at Ridgehill Rd, Maida Vale WA 6057. Our club has an excellent committee, committed to the club and the development of players young and old alike. They have worked hard to create a well-managed club, with good, qualified coaches running the training sessions. It’s a friendly club, and new players of all abilities are very welcome.

  • Why choose us?

    We want to continue to attract more top players and to develop players to compete successfully in the leagues. We are committed to developing the next generation of netballers and build our netball club into the best club around in Maida Vale. If you are interested in joining as a player, coach or umpire we would love to hear from you.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Foothills Netball Association in Maida Vale at 08 9454 7299 for more information and details about our netball club services and amenities. All of the sessions are run by our team of qualified coaches with help from assistant coaches. We look forward to hearing from you.

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