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Badminton Court - Madeley, WA 6065

The Premier Badminton Club Association Of Madeley

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Kingsway Rd, Madeley, WA 6065

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Professional Badminton Club Association In Madeley

Badminton WA of Madeley is nationally recognised as one of the preeminent badminton associations in Western Australia. Badminton came to Western Australia in 1900 and the first badminton club was formed that same year. In 1924, Badminton WA was founded as a badminton association in order to bring together all the badminton clubs in Madeley and surrounding regions.

Founded in 1924

Badminton WA of Madeley started to build badminton-specific headquarters back in 1962 and we are the first badminton association in Australia to take this step. Badminton WA of Madeley has been instrumental as a badminton association that furthers the growth and development of badminton clubs in Madeley and we continue our mission to promote this sport on the local and national level. With the guidance of our badminton association, badminton clubs in Madeley have experienced unprecedented levels of growth in terms of membership and interest in badminton.

From local competitions in Madeley and national badminton events, Badminton WA has been at the forefront in the promotion and officiating of these badminton club events in Madeley and beyond. Our badminton association also helps organise seminars and sports clinics in and around Madeley in order to increase skill in the sport and support the growth of badminton clubs in Madeley.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Badminton WA. When you are part of a badminton association, your Madeley badminton club gains access to a network of other badminton clubs around Madeley which helps make resource-sharing and news dissemination much easier. For individual members, you also get access to insurance, a list of affiliated courts in Madeley where you can play, and access to seminars and sports clinics in Madeley that were organised by our badminton association so you have a venue in Madeley to hone your skills in the sport.

Madeley Badminton Court
Badminton WA
08 9409 4433 Madeley

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  • Do you offer free tours to your badminton club association headquarters in Madeley?

    Yes, we can offer a free tour of our badminton club association headquarters in Madeley. Just call us to set a date and we would be happy to show you around.

  • What services and benefits do you offer?

    Here at our badminton club association headquarters, we have badminton courts that members can use. We also have a network of badminton clubs around Madeley where we hold competitions, sports clinics and other related badminton events.

  • How can we contact you?

    You can call us at 08 9409 4433 or email Please do call us for information on badminton events, our seminars and anything else you would like to know about our Madeley badminton club association.

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