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Badminton Association Of WA (Inc)

Badminton Court - Madeley, WA 6065

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130 Kingsway Rd, Madeley, WA 6065

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Madeley Badminton Club and Equipment Suppliers

Badminton Association Of WA (Inc) was formed in 1924, with the first Annual General Meeting held in 1925 and was considered as the best badminton club in Madeley. Badminton Association Of WA (Inc) is a constitutional badminton club incorporation governed by the Board of Management in Madeley. The Board of Management of our badminton club meets monthly, has written minutes and operates in accordance with approved guidelines and policies in Madeley. Our badminton club is actively promoting the sport in Madeley, and seeking persons who have various disabilities to play on both social and competitive basis. Our badminton club aims for great fun and for those with a strong desire to succeed there is now the opportunity to compete for Madeley and to aim for the biggest sporting event in the world in 2020.

Excellent Badminton Club in Madeley

In our badminton club of Madeley, we offer Para-badminton which is played in many countries and will now feature in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Our badminton club of Madeley has a membership to offer you where a lot of benefits awaits you. We genuinely believe in our badminton club that membership with Badminton Association Of WA (Inc) provides excellent value - perhaps most importantly the personal accident insurance cover that gives you that extra peace of mind if you happen to have an injury - unfortunately, these things may occur when we least expect. We, at our badminton club of Madeley, encourage individuals to register through clubs where they usually play, by doing so you support your local badminton club and allow to continue to grow. Badminton Club operates using different fee models, and the cost of membership may differ between clubs in Madeley. If you are not a regular at any particular badminton club in Madeley, you still can be an individual (non-club) member of Badminton Association Of WA (Inc) with full access to the same benefits. Our badminton club in also offers different events like Junior Badminton Club events in Madeley.

If you want to know more about what we offer in Madeley, please don't hesitate to call us directly on (08) 9409 4433. Our friendly team in Madeley will surely be glad to assist you.

Madeley Badminton Club
Badminton Association Of WA (Inc)
(08) 9409 4433 Madeley

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  • How do I know the schedule of my matches?

    The match schedule in our Madeley badminton club is usually released on Wednesday before the tournament weekend. Check the tournament page on the Tournament Software website: go to "players", and click on your name - you should see the list of your matches and the scheduled match times. Sometimes some of the matches won't show the scheduled time next to them. It may mean, for example, that the match has been scheduled for Sunday but the schedule has only been published up to Saturday; or that particular match hasn't been scheduled yet. If you have particular concerns, please contact the tournament organisers with your query.

  • I am a member of your badminton club in Madeley. Does it mean I have a Member ID for tournament?

    Tournament Member ID is independent of your membership with our badminton club in Madeley. Your membership with the state sports association may change from year to year, but your Member ID remains the same. If you are a member of Badminton Association Of WA (Inc), it doesn't automatically mean that you have a Member ID. Member ID is assigned to you when you first play in an official tournament.


    In our badminton club of Madeley, we offer JUNIOR UMPIRES PROGRAM that is open to all junior members aged 13 to 17 with the vision to become court officials in organised competitions at club and/or association level. The Programme includes three levels of award starting from Bronze, Silver, to Gold Award. Each award will require both a written and a practical test following studying the Laws of Badminton. Candidates passing both tests will be issued with the appropriate level Junior Umpire Certificate.

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