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Wanneroo Basketball Association

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The Joondalup Basketball Club That's The Destination of Choice

ABN: 86 371 367 364

380 Joondalup Drv, Joondalup, WA 6027

  • awards One of the most successful Joondalup basketball clubs in Western Australia
  • awards Basketball club that is the pride of Joondalup
  • awards Established in 1983
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About Us

  • Professional Basketball Club in Joondalup

  • Home of the Wolfpacks

  • Prestigious Joondalup Basketball Club

The Wanneroo Basketball Association has been a pillar of the Joondalup community since 1983. Through various projects in Joondalup and other outreach programs, we have managed to grow our basketball club into one of the most professionally run in Western Australia. If you are looking for a basketball club to partner with, call us now and let's discuss how we can grow together.

Professional Basketball Club in Joondalup

The Wanneroo Basketball Association has enjoyed remarkable success as a basketball club in Joondalup since its establishment in 1983. It is widely recognized in Western Australia for its professionalism as a basketball club and commitment to the advancement of the sport in the region and Joondalup in particular.

Basketball club that is the pride of Joondalup

The Wanneroo basketball club has been based at the Joondalup Basketball Stadium for the past 30 years, a testament to both its growth and stability as a basketball club in Joondalup. Like any other basketball club, the WBA also works closely with the Joondalup community and it has grown to be an integral part of Joondalup's daily life.

One of the crowning achievements of the WBA was the establishment of the State Basketball League Men's and Women's teams. The Joondalup Wolves has won several championships and as a basketball club, it continues to be a force to be reckoned with. The WBA also extended its representation to include Junior, Senior and representative competitions in and around Joondalup, thus expanding the reach and influence of this basketball club.

The efforts of this basketball club at integration in Joondalup have resulted in over 3,000 registered players, seven large and voluntarily governed basketball club affiliations and thousands of fans and spectators who watch the games at the Joondalup stadium every week throughout the year. This boosts not only the popularity of the basketball club but also the local economy of Joondalup.

But the WBA refuses to sit on its laurels and continues to reach out and build partnerships with other Joondalup basketball clubs and other partners in order to further develop the sport within the Joondalup community.

We encourage you to explore with us the advantages that a partnership with this basketball club can bring. As a basketball club with our pedigree, we are not just a basketball club but a major pillar of the community. Our philosophy is to be “Partners with the Community” and our track record in Joondalup speaks for itself. By working with us, you can also tap into the leverage we bring in terms of reputation, brand awareness and market reach that working with a major basketball club in Joondalup brings.

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Wanneroo Basketball Association
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  • How long has the WBA been in existence?

    The WBA is a basketball club that was first established in 1983. We have been headquartered at the Joondalup Basketball Stadium for the past 30 years, a testament to our hard work and adherence to our core values.

  • What are the advantages of partnering with a basketball club in Joondalup?

    On the commercial side, you will be provided VIP seating at the Joondalup Basketball Stadium, opportunities to interact with your target market via giveaways, creative displays and other point-of-sale merchandise. Partnering with a basketball club also brings you goodwill to the community through media exposure.

  • How can we contact you?

    The Wanneroo basketball club of Joondalup may be reached to our phone 08 9300 1325 or through email You may also visit our website at for more information.

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